A: If the serial variety of your gun is above 855000, an interchangeable barrel made in Upper Sanduskies will certainly fit your gun, however will likely need to be custom fit by one of our gunsmiths.

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Q: Wbelow is the serial number situated on my Model 37?

A: The quickest and simplest fix to this trouble is a great thorough cleaning inside the receiver. Illustrated instructions for disassembly and cleaning of the M37 are included in our owners manual. Call us at 419-294-4113 to acquire a copy. If the problem persists, our expert gunsmiths have the right to organization your firearm. For more information, go to the service department web page.

Q: What does Re-Bluing mean?

A: Gradually the end up on the metal on your shotgun have the right to corrode, rust or simply wear. Re-Bluing the shotgun can significantly boost the longevity and also in its entirety appearance of the steel. First we polish off the existing coating and also rust, and also some pitting (depfinishing just how deep it is). This is a high polish. Next off we warm salt blue the parts at a high temperature that actually changes the color of the surface. The components are then defended through a sealant.

Q: Are tbelow any type of authorized organization shops in my area of the country?

A: Currently, the only authorized organization department is via the manufacturing facility, below in Upper Sanduskies, Ohio.

Q: How execute I ship my gun for business work?

A: Ithaca Gun Company is a registered FFL manufacturer and have the right to receive your shotgun for company occupational. You have the right to ship from the carrier of your selecting. We perform not accept C.O.D. Insuring your gun with the carrier is recommfinished. The B.A.T.F. regulations stipulate that no live ammunition can acfirm the firearm either in the gun or in the same box as soon as sfinishing the firearm.

Q: What is size of pull?

A: Length of pull (L.O.P.) is the distance from where the butt of the stock rests versus your shoulder to where your finger pulls the create. Factory traditional throughout the years have actually ranged from 13 7/8″ to 14 1/4″.

Q: Why is my trigger too heavy or as well light?

A: Our new typical create press is 4-5 lbs. In the Past, Ithaca depended on hand filing the hammer and trigger fit. Now with CNC machined parts, we can actually minimize your existing weight by simply replacing the hammer and also cause. If you would certainly choose this done, please send the cause group to our company department with your call information to the attend to on the business web page.

Q: What Models does Ithaca Gun Company service?

New Gun Sales Related Questions

Q:How do I buy a new Ithaca?

A: You deserve to buy a brand-new Ithaca Gun from among our many kind of dealers, which can be found utilizing our ITHACA GUN COMPANY DEALER LOCATOR .

You have the right to also order your new Ithaca Gun at our ONLINE SHOPPING CART .

Lastly, you might contact us straight at 419-294-4113 to place your order with our sales team.

Q: How do I pay for my new Ithaca firearm?

A: Ithaca Gun Company accepts credit and also delittle bit cards, cashiers’ checks, and also postal money orders.

Q: How perform I arselection to get my new Ithaca firearm?

A: Just look up one of our Ithaca Gun dealers using our online DEALER LOCATOR by clicking HERE .

You deserve to likewise talk to your regional gun shop about receiving your brand-new Ithaca. They will certainly run the background inspect paperwork, and (upon approval) carry the gun to your possession. Gun shops typically charge a service fee for managing gun transfers.

If you require help locating a guns save in your area, call us at 419-294-4113 and also we’ll assist you look or you have the right to uncover an FFL Dealer digital utilizing FFLRegisattempt.com .

Q: What kind of warranty is offered on new Ithaca firearms?

A: Limited Warranty:

Ithaca Gun Company type of warrants to you, the original purchaser, that this firearm was made complimentary of defects in product or workmanship; and also for a period of one (1) year after the day of purchase, the manufacturer agrees to correct by repair or replacement (with exact same or comparable high quality model) your firearm. Ithaca Gun Company kind of reserves the ideal to inspect, research, and/or test the firearm to assess any type of insurance claim made under the Limited Warranty.


This warranty is void if the firearm has actually been abprovided, misoffered, damaged by accident, fired via hand also loaded and/or reloaded or imcorrect non-SAAMI traditional ammunition or obstruction in the barrel, or damaged by faitempt to administer reasonable and necessary maintenance. This warranty does not apply to normal wear of any kind of parts, consisting of steel, hardwood, plastic, rubber, other materials, or of the surchallenge finish; this warranty is additionally void if any kind of unauthorized repair and/or alteration has been percreated on the firearm.


To achieve company, you must call our business department prior to returning the firearm. You are responsible for all shipping costs both to and also return from the manufacturing facility. Ithaca Gun Company type of will not accept COD shipments of any type of firearm for service.


Ithaca Gun Company kind of 420 N. Warpole St. Upper Sanduskies, OH 43351 (419)294-4113 Service Department

Limitation of Damages:

Except where prohibited by law, Ithaca Gun Company kind of will certainly not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of this firearm, whether straight, indirect, consequential, or punitive. This warranty offers only the original purchaser particular legal rights; various other legal rights may likewise be obtainable, which might differ from state to state.

Q: How lengthy will certainly it take for my brand-new Ithaca to arrive when I have actually passist for it?

A: We will only accept payment for conventional models when they are in stock and all set for distribution. As such, your new firearm will certainly arrive approximately 7-10 days after you pay for it.

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Apparel and also Accessories Related Questions

Q: I would really favor to have an Ithaca t-shirt, patch, or hat to present my love of Ithaca guns. Can I get some Ithaca apparel?

A: You have the right to order a broad range of Ithaca apparel and also various other Ithaca accessories at our ONLINE STORE by clicking HERE .