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Which of the choices listed below happens throughout the absorptive state? inquiry options:

No management occurs.

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Catabolic procedures exceed anabolic ones.

Anabolic procedures exceed catabolic ones.

Only glucose management occurs.

Heat-loss mechanisms execute not incorporate ________. Inquiry options:

reducing activity

vasoconstriction the peripheral blood vessels

the evaporation that sweat

behavior steps such together wearing light, loose clothing

Which that the adhering to is not a function of LDLs? inquiry options:

influence cholesterol synthetic in organization cells

regulate cholesterol synthetic in organization cells

transport cholesterol indigenous the peripheral organization to the liver

make cholesterol obtainable to tissue cells because that membrane or hormone synthesis

Many components influence BMR. What is the most an important factor? concern options:

the way skeletal muscles failure glycogen

the ratio of surface area come volume (weight) the the body

an individual"s human body weight

the means an separation, personal, instance metabolizes fat

Which of the following finest defines negative nitrogen balance? question options:

A negative nitrogen balance is normal and also is a means of preserving homeostasis.

It is a condition usually resulted in by having a diet low in fish and meat.

It occurs once amino mountain are broken down by liver enzymes and also carried to the bloodstream.

Protein break down exceeds protein synthesis.

Gluconeogenesis is the procedure in which ________. Inquiry options:

glucose is developed from noncarbohydrate precursors

glycogen is damaged down to release glucose

glucose is converted right into carbon dioxide and also water

glycogen is formed

Transamination is the process whereby the amine team of an amino mountain is ________. Inquiry options:

converted to urea

transferred come a keto acid

transferred to acetyl CoA

converted to ammonia

Lipogenesis occurs once ________. Question options:

excess proteins space transported through the cell membrane

there is a shortage of fat acids

glucose level drop slightly

cellular ATP and glucose levels are high

Glucose can be obtained from ________. Inquiry options:



protein anabolism

triglyceride anabolism

Glycogen is formed in the liver during the ________. Inquiry options:

postabsorptive state

period as soon as the metabolic price is lowest

starvation period

absorptive state

When ketone body are existing in the blood and also urine in large amounts, it usually indicates boosted metabolism of ________. Inquiry options:


lactic acid

fatty acids

amino acids

The term metabolism is finest defined together ________. Question options:

the length of time that takes come digest and absorb fats

biochemical reactions connected in building cell molecule or breaking down molecules because that energy

a measure of carbohydrate utilization, typically involving measure up of calories

the number of calories it takes to store from shivering ~ above a cold day

Which that the following is a normal repercussion of the activation that the heat-promoting center? inquiry options:

increase in ADH production

sympathetic sweat gland activation

vasodilation the cutaneous blood vessels

release the epinephrine

Catabolism would be ideal described together a procedure that ________. Concern options:

builds up triglycerides throughout the postabsorptive state

causes a decrease in turn ketone bodies

elevates glucagon levels

breaks down facility structures to less complicated ones

In the liver, the amine group of glutamic mountain is eliminated as ________ in the oxidative state. Concern options:

pyruvic acid



oxaloacetic acid

What is the outcome of ketosis? question options:

metabolic alkalosis


water retention and edema

metabolic acidosis

glycogen buildup

Which of the adhering to nutrients productivity the greatest amount of power per gram as soon as metabolized? inquiry options:

vitamins and minerals



foods and also beverages high in caffeine

Which the the adhering to is the many important duty of the liver? concern options:

carbohydrate and also lipid metabolism

processing that drugs and also hormones and activation of vitamin D

protein metabolism

synthesis that bile salts

Which of the choices listed below is not a fate that carbohydrate taken into the body?

conversion to a main point acid



amino mountain synthesis

ATP production

Which of the following is not true that beta oxidation?

Fatty acids are damaged into acetic acid fragments.

Every second carbon is reduced.

It involves the anabolism of fats.

It wake up in the mitochondrion.

Which of the choices below is not a major route of warm exchange?





Which the the complying with mechanisms produces the most ATP during cellular respiration? question options:

oxidation reactions

substrate-level phosphorylation

oxidation-reduction reactions

oxidative phosphorylation

It is essential to ensure the your diet is adequately wealthy in vitamins because ________. Inquiry options:

all vitamins room water soluble and pass the end of the body too conveniently to for sure utilization

most vitamins are coenzymes needed to aid the human body utilize vital nutrients

very few foods save vitamins

vitamins carry out protection versus the usual cold

Oxidation reduction reactions ________. Concern options:

occur via the gain of hydrogen or the ns of oxygen

may involve the lose of hydrogen and electrons

are hardly ever coupled together

utilize hydrogenases

Which of the adhering to does not take place in the mitochondria? question options:

electron transport

formation that malic mountain from fumaric acid

Krebs cycle


Select the exactly statement about proteins. Question options:

Catabolic steroids (hormones) accelerate the rate of protein synthesis.

Strict vegetarians need not worry around adequate protein intake, as most vegetables are nearly perfect sources of amino acids.

Proteins will certainly be used by most cells because that ATP synthesis if poor carbohydrates space ingested.

Proteins have the right to be synthesized in the body if most of the amino acids space present.

Which that the complying with molecules room considered vital molecules in ~ metabolic crossroads? inquiry options:

glucose-6-phosphate, pyruvic acid, acetyl CoA

acetone, beta-hydroxybutyric acid, ATP

ATP, pyruvic acid, lactic acid

glucose-6-phosphate, lactic acid, acetyl CoA

When proteins experience deamination, the rubbish substance discovered in the to pee is mostly________. Question options:

acetyl CoA

ketone bodies



When a person"s hypothalamic thermostat is set to a greater level and the actual human body temperature is listed below that level, the person may ________. Question options:


exhibit vasodilation of skin vessels


perspire heavily

The primary reason elderly people should decrease their caloric entry is that ________. Concern options:

muscle mass and metabolism decline with age

they spend many of the day in ~ rest, and their food will conveniently turn come fat

they have a greater metabolic rate and do not need large amounts of food

their appetite begins to diminish

Glycolysis is finest defined together a catabolic reaction based top top the ________. Concern options:

conversion of pyruvic acid into carbon dioxide and also water

formation of sugar

conversion the glucose into carbon dioxide and water

conversion that glucose right into two molecules of pyruvic acid

Cholesterol, despite it is not an energy molecule, has importance in the body because it ________. Question options:

enters the glycolytic pathway without being altered

is a stabilizing component of the plasma membranes and also is the parental molecule of steroid hormones

helps mobilize fats during periods of starvation

helps administer essential nutrient to the mind and lungs

The hatchet metabolic rate shows the ________. Concern options:

loss of energy to perspiration

loss the organic molecule in urine

energy necessary to do all organic molecules

energy the body demands to perform only its most crucial activities

The many abundant dietary lipids are ________. Question options:


fatty acids



Dietary fats space important because they ________. Question options:

help protect against the usual cold

help the human body absorb fat-soluble vitamins

contribute substantially to the health of the skin

keep blood pressure normal

Which hormone directs basically all the occasions of the absorptive state? inquiry options:

thyroid hormone

growth hormone



Loss of warm in the kind of infrared tide is termed ________. Inquiry options:





Which that the following statements is a false or incorrect statement? inquiry options:

The amino acid pool is the body’s total supply that amino mountain in the body proteins.

Amino acids have the right to be supplied to supply power only after being converted to a carbohydrate intermediate.

Fats and also carbohydrates space oxidized directly to produce cellular energy.

Excess carbohydrate and fat have the right to be stored together such, whereas excess amino acids are oxidized for power or convert to fat or glycogen because that storage.

Anabolism has reactions in i beg your pardon ________. Inquiry options:

structural proteins are offered as a potential energy source

ketone bodies space formed

carbohydrate use increases

larger molecule or structures are built from smaller sized ones

Conditions that promote the oxidative deamination and energy use of amino acids include ________. Question options:

adequate fat calorie to carry out adequate ATP formation

ammonia combining with oxygen to type urea

adequate important amino acids

excessive amounts of protein in the diet

As the human body progresses from the absorptive come the postabsorptive state, only the ________ proceeds to burn glucose while every other organ in the body mostly switches to fatty acids. Concern options:





The primary function of moving respiration is to ________. Concern options:

provide the body through adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals

determine the amount of heat needed by the person body

break down food molecules and also generate ATP

efficiently screen the power needs that the body

The amount of ________ produced is more than likely the most essential hormonal aspect in identify BMR. Concern options:





What process primes a molecule to change in a method that rises its activity, produce motion, or walk work? inquiry options:

cellular respiration



beta oxidation

In the situation of a human who consumes a normal, well balanced diet, proteins are vital to the body for all of the complying with except ________. Question options:

production the energy

formation of useful molecules like hemoglobin and cytochromes

production of part hormones

production the enzymes, clotting factors, and also antibodies

Which of the choices listed below is not a resource of glucose during the postabsorptive state? question options:

catabolism of to move protein

absorption the glucose from the GI tract

glycogenolysis in the liver

lipolysis in adipose tissues and also the liver

Oxidation-reduction reactions space catalyzed through which of the following enzymes? inquiry options:

synthetases and also lipases

kinases and also phosphorylases

phosphatases and kinases

dehydrogenases and also oxidases

Which of the adhering to statements best describes complete protein? concern options:

derived from meat and also fish only

meets every the minimum daily requirements because that a healthy and balanced diet

must meet all the body"s amino acid demands for maintenance and also growth

derived just from legumes and other plant material

In gluconeogenesis, throughout the postabsorptive state, amino acids and ________ are converted to glucose. Question options:





Which that the choices listed below describes the pathway of cellular respiration (the finish oxidation of glucose)? concern options:

glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transfer chain, oxidative phosphorylation

glycogenesis, lipogenesis, electron carry chain

gluconeogenesis, Krebs cycle, lipolysis

lipolysis, glycogenolysis, beta oxidation

The process of break triglycerides down into glycerol and also fatty mountain is well-known as ________. Question options:




fat utilization

Which of the adhering to is correct? concern options:

Oxidation of FADH2 ultimately yields 4 ATP via oxidative phosphorylation.

Glycolysis relies on substrate-level oxidation because that the 4 ATP developed in this pathway.

Most the the ATP are produced by substrate-level phosphorylation.

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Most ATP from cellular respiration are created directly in the Krebs cycle.

Prostaglandins play a role in ________. Concern options:

control the blood pressure

skeletal muscle contraction

noninflammatory responses

control that blood volume

Which the the following food groups are considered great sources of complete proteins? question options: