What is it that makes the human mind so special? certain it's large — however it's much from the biggest mind around. You've heard the your brain contains 100 billion neurons — however where does the number really come from, and also how does it stack up versus other species?

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You may think you understand the answers to these questions, however there's a an excellent chance you've to be misinformed about what provides our mind more distinct than any kind of other brains on Earth. Below are 4 of neuroscience's biggest mind myths, and also why they're every wet.

Top photo via Shutterstock legend #1: There space 100 exchange rate neurons in the human being brain.

Neurons room the fundamental building block of any kind of nervous system. These cells, the tree-like branches that which reach out and also become entwined v those of your neighbors, kind the vast electrical and chemical network the is ours brain, handling information about our surroundings, orchestrating our actions in solution to those surroundings, and also even managing our subconscious bodily functions. It's our neurons that enable our brain to do all of these things more rapidly and also efficiently 보다 any device ever made; together we recently reported, also a toddler is smarter 보다 the smartest AI.

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Even a toddler is smarter 보다 the smartest AISure, as soon as it pertains to making calculations and also accumulating knowledge, computer systems have long since…