What is the next term the the succession 6 12/24 48 solution?

2 answers By experienced Tutors The sample is to main point a term by -2 to get the next term. So the price is 96 and also -192.

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What is the usual ratio in this succession 6 12 24 48?


What is the next number in the succession 12 24 48?

Hence, the next term that the given geometric succession is 192 .

Is the succession geometric if so recognize the common ratio 6 12 24?

This is a geometric sequence since there is a usual ratio between each term. In this case, multiply the previous hatchet in the sequence by 2 gives the following term.

What room the common ratio that 12 48?


What is the typical ratio the the geometric succession 3/12 48?

Geometric Sequence:Common Ratio, r:
3, 12, 48, 192, 768, 3072.r = 4. A 4 is multiply times each term to arrive at the following term. OR division a2 through a1 to uncover the usual ratio that 4.

What is the following term that the succession 3/12 48?

Complete step by step answer: In the offered question, the succession is 3, 12, 48, 192, … Now, let the first term,a0 = 3. The 2nd term is a1=12, third term is a2 = 48 and the 4th term is a3 = 192.

What is the explicit rule for the geometric sequence 3/12 48?

Answer expert Verified The provided geometric sequence is 3, 12, 48, 192.. The common ratio is the factor in between the terms. Us can get it by splitting the 2nd term through the very first term or 3rd term through the second term and also so on.

What is the 7th hatchet of the geometric succession 3/12 48?

The 7th hatchet is 12,288. Instead of 3 because that a1,7 for n, and also 4 for r.

What is the common ratio for this geometric succession 8 4 2 1?


What type of succession is 3/12 48192?

geometric sequence

What is the following number in the sequence 3 12?

75. Explanation: indigenous 3 come 12, you include 9, and then twin the 12 to acquire to 24, and also then add 9 again to acquire to 33, and dual it to acquire 66, therefore the sample is to include 9 and also then double.

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What is the common ratio because that this geometric succession 5/15 45135?


What is the common ratio for this geometric sequence?

In mathematics, a geometric progression, also known together a geometric sequence, is a succession of numbers where each term after the very first is found by multiplying the previous one by a fixed, non-zero number called the common ratio. Because that example, the succession 2, 6, 18, 54, is a geometric development with proportion 3.