One the the many anticipated moment of Nipsey Hussle’s “Celebration of Life” ceremony was when Snoop Dogg stepped ~ above the phase to memorialize his friend.

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Snoop opened up up by calling him “My friend and my brother.” It was true, throughout the critical week and a half, we have seen picture after snapshot of the two. Hanging. An ext than simply gang affiliates, these two seem to be two “c’s” in a pod. Snoop quipped, “Everybody thinks us looked the same.” The West shore dog-father explained what was most comparable about the 2 was the they were tall, lanky, wore braids, claimed the very same gang but most that all had actually kind spirits. He additionally said that the two of them to be “Peace Advocates.”

His warmest regards were prolonged to Lauren London, Hussle’s fiancé. He claimed that he want to send his love to her and also that she to be Nip’s “Beloved Queen.”


Lauren and Nip reminded Snoop of him and his wife, Shanté Taylor. He called them “Black Excellence.”

He then recognize Hussle’s father because that being a strong man and that he had actually to be proud of his son.

Snoop stated to his father, “You may have lost a son, but you have picked up one more son in me.”

Clearly overwhelmed, the turned his fist to Nipsey’s mother, Angel. Speaking because that the Hip-Hop community in general, declared that us did not have the ideal facilities come navigate the pain that we space feeling. However, Hussle’s mom not only provided us the tool to obtain through this today, yet prepared other mother’s who may shed their kids with a blueprint of stamin to do it through.

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Ending his memorial, he noted two times the Hussle passed that his cd. The an initial time he offered it, he simply asked because that the elder lab OG to simply listen. Other rappers wanted to get put on, through Snoop asserts the all Hussle wanted was confirmation. Snoop did no listen to the cd. However, Hussle did no stop. That did not desire a hand out, yet wanted as provided before… “confirmation.” Hussle gave him a 2nd cd. While roll his weed on the disc, he determined to popular music the music in. The proclaimed to the world with him, “Little cuz is hard!”

Hussle was hard. He was so tough that he had vision better than also Snoop had at the moment for himself. He want Snoop to develop his very own amusement park called Doggyland. Despite Snoop never built it (because he can not wrap that mind about the idea), Hussle did. Snoop thought by purchase his to buy center, he constructed his own.

Snoop turned and saluted Nipsey Hussle’s silver- casket, one that was surrounded by hundreds and also hundred the flowers. That stepped back to the mic and gave his last remarks:

“For God so love the world, the he gave us a great crip, in the late good neighborhood Nip. Rest In Peace”