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GettyEmily Zolten Jillette attends the “Penn & teller On Broadway” ~ above July 12, 2015 in new York City.

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Zolten, favor her magician husband, works in the entertain industry. Follow to she IMDB profile, Zolten began working ~ above movie to adjust in the early 1990s. She was listed as a production assistant top top the movies Rookie of the Year and Striking Distance.

Zolten served as the executive producer because that the documentary Gambler’s Ballad about magician Johnny Thompson. Her career has additionally involved creating commercials for Walt Disney World and also the golf industry. Previously in her career, Zolten operated as a stage manager for Star Search.

In 2014, Zolten appeared in former of the camera because that an illustration of Celebrity mam Swap on ABC. She swapped locations with the wife of comedian Judy Gold because that one week. Zolten and also Jillette room atheists, when the Golds practice Judaism. Gold defined to the Observer at the moment that she feel the profession was much more taxing for her and also Zolten since they were spending time in a compact new York City apartment. Zolten explained the Gold household as “chaotic” after ~ the couples reunited adhering to the swap.

2. Zolten inquiry Jillette the end On a date After Attending a present & they Married 2 Years later on at the Viva ras Vegas Wedding Chapel


GettyPenn Jillette (L, v his wife and children) and Teller are honored through a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of call on April 05, 2013.

Zolten and Jillette met in the beforehand 2000s after one of his shows. Zolten defined to that she was functioning as a golf commercial producer and was in las Vegas monthly because that work. She decided to buy a ticket to see her future husband’s show and also that’s whereby the love story began. In Zolten’s very own words:

I had a totally free night and bought a ticket come the pen & teller show. I had actually seen them off-broadway in the 80s. Together I to be leaving, I observed they sign autographs and take pictures in the lobby. Ns waited in line and asked him out. That said, “I can’t go the end tonight, I’m walk to see Robert Goulet’s late show. How about tomorrow?” and that to be 17 years ago.

Jillette and Zolten tied the node after around two years of dating. According to public documents from the Clark county Clerk’s office, the pair got married ~ above November 23, 2004.

A spokesperson because that Jillette claimed at the time that the wedding was an impromptu ceremony at the Viva las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Zolten and also Jillette did no go top top a honeymoon.

The pair lived at Jillette’s las Vegas home, nicknamed the Slammer, for much more than a decade. The two-building estate sit on about 10 acre of desert, with views the the Strip and also the ras Vegas Valley, the las Vegas Weekly reported in 2013.

Zolten and also Jillette chose to sell the Slammer in 2015 and move to a more residential area. They bought a home in a gated community called The Ridges, the las Vegas sun reported. The house has actually 7,800-square-feet that living space and expense the pair $3.3 million.

3. Jillette & Zolten said They wanted to provide Their kids Unique Names


Emily Zolten JilletteMagician penn Jillette, wife Emily Zolten and also their youngsters Moxie and Zolten

Zolten and also Jillette’s two kids have distinct names through design. Your daughter, Moxie CrimeFighter, to be born in 2005. Son Zolten penn arrived the complying with year. Emily Zolten called that her kids are slightly less than one year apart. Moxie’s birthday is June 3 and also her little brother to be born on might 22.

Jillette defined to world magazine in 2007, “I think it’s pretty devilish to give a kid a name the others are going to have. Ns think it’s an extremely important to have actually a unique name within any group you’re likely to be in.”

Jillette described that it to be his wife’s idea to provide their daughter together an usual center name. “EZ doesn’t have actually a center name and also thinks center names are stupid. So, it’s simply a joke. Once she it s okay pulled over by the police she can present her license and also say, ‘We’re top top the very same side, officer, my middle name is CrimeFighter.’ The couple chose to surname their son Zolten together a means to honor Emily Zolten’s next of the family.

The magician described in 2016 the his one remorse in life was the his parental passed away before they can meet Zolten and their children. Jillette told ras Vegas Magazine, “I talk to mine children around their grandparents every the time, however all mine words can never to fill in because that one smile from one of two people Sam or Val.” Jillette’s mommy was 45 once he to be born, and Jillette to be 50 as soon as daughter Moxie arrived.

4. Zolten made Headlines as soon as She assisted Rescue an hurt Surfer In Hawaii


Emily Zolten JilletteEmily Zolten Jillette has been married come magician penn Jillette because 2004

Zolten make headlines in 2015 throughout a expedition to Hawaii as soon as she was attributed for saving a man’s life. Zolten discovered a surfer who had been badly hurt after he was slammed right into the rocks. Zolten claimed she come upon the guy as she to be walking follow me the beach near her hotel.

The daily Mail reported the Zolten dubbed for help and stayed with the injured man until emergency medical responders come to take him to the hospital. She also managed to obtain in call with the man’s wife.

Zolten described she didn’t recognize what happened to the male after the was required to the hospital. “I deserve to only expect they to be OK, and also if they to be delayed a work or two going home, at least he to be alive and also I’d uncovered him.” Jillette further highlighted his wife’s an excellent deed by sharing the daily Mail short article on his Twitter feed.

5. Zolten Is a Golfer & Ran the brand-new York City Marathon

Emily Zolten JilletteEmily Zolten Jillette at the NYC Marathon

Zolten spends part of her time participating in athletic activies. As an amateur golfer, she played in the 2nd annual World collection of Golf tournament in 2008 together celebrities such as actor ray Romano, House Detective hold John Daly, and also poker specialists Phil Gordon and also Tom Schneider. A vehicle salesman named Andrew “AJ” Johnson native Michigan ultimately won the year.

Zolten is also a runner. She ran in the new York City Marathon in 2018 and 2019. She overcome the end up line in simply over 5.5 hours in both races. Zolten ran come raise money because that the Narcolepsy Network.

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Back home in las Vegas, Zolten is active with the Girl Scouts. She led her daughter’s troop and was the 2018 Dessert before Dinner honorary “Trailblazer” Girl Scouts argorial recipient. The organization provided in a facebook post about the award that Zolten participated in Brownies once she was a child as well.