UPDATED: "We look forward to him return to "CSI" really soon," a CBS TV Studios rep states of the initial star, who will temporary depart after ~ the very first three episodes of this season ~ sparring through a pregnant writer.

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CBS’CSI: Crime step Investigationwill be without among its original stars for at the very least several illustration this coming season.

GeorgeEadswill take a leaving of absence from the long-running drama ~ engaging in a cook exchange with one of the show’s writers,The Hollywood Reporterhas learned. The actor, who has actually played Nick Stokes since the series premiered in 2000, will show up in the first three illustration ofCSI‘s upcoming 14th season. Producer CBS television Studios declined to disclose a date for his return yet said he would certainly be ago later this season.

“GeorgeEadswill not appear in number of episodes during the very first half the the season. We look forward to him return toCSIvery soon,” a rep for CBS TV Studios stated in a explain toTHR.

The actor signed on to return together a regular, in addition to the remainder of the cast, once CBS fix up the collection in March. His absence, sources say, is no considered an effort to renegotiate his contract. Eads — and also co-star Jorja Fox — were both briefly fired from CSI in 2004 after a short-lived salary standoff v the network and also studio.

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Instead, Eadswas unhappy with the an imaginative directionof his character, resources tell THR,andclashed through an eight-months-pregnant co-writer the a current episode. Indigenous of the incident is said to have actually gotten earlier to showrunner Carol Mendelsohn and resulted in a conference that finished with Eads threatening to quit. A rep because that Eads declined to comment.

Eads is among only 3 actors who have actually been through CSI from the begin (Paul Guilfoyle and Eric Szmanda are the others). Fox left and also later returned to the show.

Sources tellTHRthatEads‘ absence will be addressed in the fourth episode the the season when Catherine (Marg Helgenberger, that will reprise her duty in the landmark300th episode) hand-picks his character to receive special training at Quantico.

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CSIreturns top top Sept. 25 top top CBS.

UPDATED: A spokesman forEadson Thursday confirms that the gibbs will miss “several episodes” that season 14 as a result of “behind-closed-doors disagreement through a CSIshowrunner.” The rep deniesTHR‘sreport thatEadshad one altercation or conversation v a pregnant writer top top the series and issued the adhering to statement: “George will certainly be returning to the show and also looks forward to participating once againin miscellaneous he has actually passionately been a part of because that 14 years. He has nothing yet the biggest respect for the an innovative and professional options of the producers and also writers that are behind CSI.”