I'm looking in ~ the E2 reaction that react with solid bases. However, the examples of solid bases they offered are RO- and also NH2-. Indigenous what ns learned in basic chemistry, the strong bases in arrenhius state are generally the facets of the an initial 2 groups in the periodic table + OH.

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In organic chemistry, what renders bases solid and why are those 2 strong?



RO- and also H2N- can't it is in isolated. They frequently exist as team 1 or 2 salts. They're strong bases due to the fact that they're unstable with their an unfavorable charge in solution. They minimize this charge by acting as a base and also accepting a proton.

A dominion in organic chemistry is "the weaker the base, the stronger the conjugate acid". Therefore the conjugate acid of RO- is ROH (weak acid thus RO- is strong base). And also NH2- has NH3 together its conjugate mountain which is weak for this reason NH2- is strong

I was looking increase the NH3 which is ammonia. If ammonia is a weak base, just how would it it is in a weak acid? ns was at sight confused.

In basic chemistry you room really only handling aqueous services so that's why you spend lot of her time ~ above OH- as a base.

In necessary chemistry you deserve to have various other solvents. They can lose protons as well. Normally a lot smaller amount 보다 water does. If you placed these essential bases in water, the water would certainly act favor a super strong acid and also protonate castle immediately. Or the contrary they room super stong bases because they rip the proton turn off from the water.

Do part reading about pKa values for different molecules and also functional groups. It will be that enormous assist as you proceed on.

I know the pka value and such however the stamin of the conjugate base bases seems choose a combined bag because that me. For instance thiolate is taken into consideration a weak base as soon as thiol is slightly more acidic 보다 alcohol and still very weak. Also stuck v RCO2-.

How would i figure out even if it is or no a conjugate base is strong or weak as soon as the mountain isn't specifically strong or weak?

Look at it the other way: the conjugate mountain (ROH and RNH2) space really bad acids for this reason the base have to be really strong.

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I am taking toughness to mean "ability come donate or expropriate a proton" and also not anything to execute with concentration


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