Shredded cheese makes the entire process of making your favorite comfort food easier. What’s an ext satisfying than folding in shredded cheese into your white sauce or including it come a lasagna?

The trouble is that plenty of gluten-free dieters prevent store-bought shredded cheese because that the danger of the containing gluten. And also since shredding cheese yourself calls for some lot of work, they stop from that altogether.

But execute you have actually to reduced out shredded cheese from your life if you’re following a gluten-free plan? Here’s every little thing you should know about shredded cheese and also whether it includes gluten?

What is Shredded Cheese?


Shredded cheese is nowhere close to anything complex to create and is as simple as the surname suggests—a block the cheese converts right into long thin strips after pressing using a shredder or grater. To have the cheese reduced smoothly, save the block that cheese in the freezer for about an hour before shredding it. It offers the cheese just enough of a stubborn texture that makes the shredding easier.

Although by definition, any cheese type can become shredded cheese. Of course, part are an ext popular. Typical varieties that have made the reduced (haha) are Edam, Mozzarella, and Cheddar. Plenty of Mexican cuisines usage a certain blend called Mexican shred Blend. Mexico foods, e.g., burritos, nachos, and tacos, along with chili and also loaded fries, manipulate this. It is a mix of natural Cheddar, Asadero, Monterey Jack, and also Queso Quesadilla.

Fun fact- Nachos were an initial made in Mexico by an American for Mexicans.

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Grated Cheese and Shredded Cheese- The Difference


Although rather similar, grated cheese and also shredded cheese have actually a few distinctive attributes of their own. They different in appearance and also ingredients, through shredded cheese being lengthy thin strips of Edam, Mozzarella, or Cheddar.

On the other hand, powdered grated cheese comes from Romano cheese or Parmesan. Exactly how is grated cheese made? The block must be hard and aged, contrasted to a soft block for shredded cheese. The widespread intake of shredded cheese includes including it come mac and also cheese and also cheese scones. Meanwhile, pizza and also salads usually have actually grated cheese included to them. 

Cheese and Gluten- perform They walk Together?


Typically, plenty of kinds the cheese do not save gluten. However, malt vinegar, modification food starch, or wheat starch adds gluten to the cheese. No to cite the risk of cross-contamination in handle food item that continues to be a culprit for gluten content. Thus, calculation it unsuitable to be offered in a gluten-free meal. However, cheese manufacturers and also brands have actually labels on their products, claiming castle to be gluten-free.

It is only feasible if the quantity of gluten is within the U.S. Food and Drug administration limit. As lengthy as its packaging is not v wheat products, full-fat cream cheese is gluten-free. Brie, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, and also goat cheese room gluten-free. Part brands of head cheese could have modified food strength or wheat starch.

Since Edam’s cheese blocks, mozzarella, and cheddar likewise make shredded cheese, the is typically gluten-free. You may use pure shredded cheese in a gluten-free diet.

Debunking the Myths


Nowadays, any myth deserve to spread favor wildfire on society media. Castle are questioned in facebook groups and also family meetings or society gatherings, thus getting popularity. Another one of these myths is that shredded cheese bought indigenous stores always contains gluten.

The explain behind this legend is that shredded cheese is coated in flour to stop slices from clumping. However this isn’t exactly true since some brands use gluten-free products only for their cheese. The best means to tell if something contains gluten or not is to inspect the ingredient list. Top top examination, you’ll find only one details difference between store-bought GF-labeled shredded cheese and also home-made cheese.

The difference lies in a pair of anti-caking agents which prevent the cheese indigenous clumping. The particular anti-caking agents offered for this process include powdered cellulose and also potato starch, and both are gluten-free. 

Cellulose Powder-

It has got a most popularity, and many food companies and also manufacturers space using the in your products. The terrific thing about cellulose powder is it has actually minimal or no-calorie content. That is healthy as it decreases fat and helps digestion. Additionally, it help in stability food.

Moreover, due to the fact that it’s a relatively cheaper option, that attracts more attention. It can act as fantastic anti-caking agent due to the fact that of its capability to hold and soak moisture. The finish product will be a coating ~ above the cheese in the type of well powder. Most importantly, the is gluten-free, so human being who have actually celiac an illness can leave their problems aside. 

Potato Starch- 

The 2nd additive, i beg your pardon raises eyebrows, is no initially discovered in block cheese. Instead, potato starch provides an entry during the procedure of shredding. Like the cellulose powder, its primary role is to avoid the clumping of strips and also prevent sweating.

Similar to cellulose powder, the benefit it has is it, too, is gluten-free. Strength grains come from destroyed potato cell upon crushing. Additional along, this grains room dried to flour after being washed out to form potato starch. 

Thus, debunking the myth that anti-caking agents include gluten to the shredded cheese slices. Both the additives offered that no in the original cheese block room rendered gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Shredded Cheese Brands


The optimal brands which market shredded cheese incorporate Kraft, crystal Farms, Sargento, Tillamook, and many others. Every one of these have detailed an ingredient perform of every product on your websites. The next time you’re out in search of gluten-free shredded cheese, invest in one of these.


All the commodities either use cellular powder as an anti-caking agent or contain modified cornstarch, both gluten-free. Moreover, the firm does no label any kind of item which includes much more than 10ppm that gluten together gluten-free. Definition that if any ingredient is acquired from wheat, they’ll have actually to mention it ~ above the label. Every shredded cheese label claims the absence of wheat, and henceforth gluten.

Crystal Farms-

This firm uses cellulose powder and also potato starch together agents because that the avoidance of clumping. Not only is their cheese an excellent on a gluten-free diet, but it can assist reduce your daily carb entry too. Hence, their insurance claim that all shredded cheese assets are gluten-free is valid. 


The very same anti-caking agents room in shredded cheese produced by Sargento together those supplied in cheese slices of crystal Farms, i.e., potato starch and cellulose powder. About these agents, they have quoted on your FAQ web page that “neither of anti-caking agents acquired from wheat, rye, oats, barley, or your cross-bred hybrids.”


According to this brand, not just shredded cheese however all the remainder of their assets are gluten-free. They religiously use potato starch to stop clumping for required products. 


Their website walk not administer in-depth knowledge regarding the ingredients or comprehensive information around their gluten-free claims. However, the customer support service was kind enough to comprise for that. They sent the complying with reply, “the anti-caking agents used are Potato Starch, Corn Starch, Powdered Cellulose, or Calcium Sulfate. This agents room food-grade, gluten-free, and also are supplied at low dimensions to store our shredded cheese free-flowing”.


Cabot officially insurance claims its shredded cheese to be for sure on a gluten-free diet. What’s more, they’ve likewise gone come the lengths the researching every the ingredients. The agency takes extra measures to avoid cross-contamination and also production in a gluten-free environment. 

Private Brands-

Local brands, as compared to name brands, carry out not carry out the public v that degree of transparency regarding ingredients. Return Kroger, Target, Aldi, and Walmart do not case wheat to be an ingredient. Moreover, Walmart offers potato starch along with powdered cellulose together the anti-caking agent.

Meanwhile, Target uses potato starch, cellulose, and also cornstarch. Kroger insurance claims they usage cornstarch, potato starch, calcium sulfate, and also dextrose. Aldi detailed with a little more insurance through their insurance claim that your shredded cheese is gluten-free.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re a cheese-lover, like most, girlfriend don’t desire to miss out on out top top the quality of any cheese. And being a gluten-free dieter shouldn’t typical you cut out the delicious foodstuffs from her life.

Always examine to make certain you purchase gluten-free shredded cheese, and also you’re great to go. Then you can treat yourself to an sometimes lasagna, pizza, or even soup.

Shredded cheese also goes perfectly with eco-friendly salads if you’re eating extra healthy!

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