Most specialists would agree that it's far much better to tow a vehicle with a tow van or pickup/trailer combo than with one more car, yet not everyone has access to that kind of heavy equipment. Maybe you are in a remote ar where it's hard to acquire help, or her AAA membership has actually lapsed and also you just can't afford a tow truck. Sometimes you just need to improvise, and also you may ask yourself: can I tow a car with mine car?


To identify if you can tow one more vehicle with your car, you'll have to do some simple fact-finding. You'll require to recognize the tow rating that your car (how plenty of pounds your car can tow), if your automobile has a tow hitch installed, if the vehicle you room towing has 2-wheel (2WD) or 4-wheel journey (4WD), and also if the automobile being towed has actually an automatic or hand-operated transmission. And, if your auto has 2WD, is the front-wheel drive (FWD) or rear-wheel journey (RWD)? If in doubt on any kind of of these, inspect your owner's manual.

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Before we obtain into the details of in reality towing a vehicle with her car, a few simple guidelines are worth reviewing:

First, the tow car should be larger and heavier 보다 the auto being towed, together it requires an ext engine and also braking strength to both motivate and stop two cars rather of one.Second, make certain there is no one in the vehicle being towed. Not only is that illegal for a passenger to it is in in a towed vehicle, however it is additionally extremely unsafe. The very same rule applies to pets—they should constantly ride in the tow vehicle.Third, turn on the ignition in the car being towed, so the steering wheel doesn't lock. Last yet not least, if you room driving in ~ night, switch on the towed vehicle's parking lights so that motorists following behind deserve to see it.

Next, we'll discuss the various methods the towing a automobile with another car. No issue what towing technique you choose, you'll require a tow hitch ~ above the tow vehicle. The tow hitch is attached to the chassis. Many trucks and also SUVs come equipped from the factory with a tow hitch, however most passenger cars carry out not. Tow hitches are basic to install, however. You have the right to do the yourself, but we recommend having actually a professional do the occupational for the best results.

How come Tow a automobile with a Chain

Generally speaking, towing a car with a tow rope or chain should be a last resort and should just be excellent for an extremely short distances at low speeds on regional roads—no highways.

If you opt because that this method, it's essential to know exactly how to tow a automobile with a chain or rope. Don't use just any type of old rope or chain that might be lying around. Thin or frayed ropes and rusty or cracked chain can conveniently snap under the stress of towing, producing a possibly dangerous situation.

Ensure the rope or chain isn't too quick or long, together this can additionally cause problems. Also, if towing through a chain or rope, don't stop conveniently as the automobile being towed will likely be in neutral and have no energetic brakes and can slam into the tow vehicle, potentially causing damages to both cars.

How to Tow a automobile with a Dolly

A popular technique for towing a automobile with an additional car is to use a tow dolly, which is basically a little trailer. Making use of a tow dolly keeps the towed vehicle's former tires up off the ground, which helps to reduce both tire and driveline wear top top the automobile being towed. One of the services of a tow dolly is the it eliminates "pushing" (discussed below) that the rear car when braking. Tow dollies space lightweight, and you deserve to rent one at plenty of moving and storage facilities.

How to Tow a automobile with a Tow Bar

Another option for car-to-car towing is a tow bar, and also you deserve to rent one if you don't already have one. Typically, tow bars have an A-frame design and also mount to the towed vehicle. The tow bar attaches come the tow automobile via the rear-mounted hitch.

Note that safety chains are required when utilizing a tow bar. Also, use caution when simultaneously braking and turning, together tow bars room prone come pushing, which is as soon as the rear vehicle's inert pushes the back end the the towing automobile to the outside of the turn.

How to Tow a vehicle with a Trailer

A automobile hauling trailer, either open or enclosed, is the best and safest option for towing a vehicle with one more car. With a automobile hauler, all four wheels that the towed car sit ~ above the trailer. Merely drive the car up onto the trailer and secure it v straps and/or chains.

You'll must use a truck as your tow car for this method because the merged weight that the towed vehicle and also trailer will certainly exceed the tow rating that virtually any type of passenger car, and also many the today's SUVs.

Towing a vehicle with 2WD vs. 4WD

As pointed out above, it's essential to know if the vehicle you space towing has actually 2WD or 4WD. If the auto is 2WD, you need to recognize if the prior or behind wheels carry out the power.

If the towed auto is FWD, usage a tow dolly because that the best results. This will conserve wear and also tear top top the driveline components. If the towed auto has RWD, girlfriend will desire to disengage the driveshaft, either via a move (if equipped) or manually. When that is done, depending on the transmission type, you'll either should put the towed auto in neutral and release the parking brake (for hand-operated transmission) or unlock the drive axle (automatic transmission).

Refer to the owner's hands-on for accuse on these procedures if you are unsure.

How to flat Tow a automobile with 4-Wheel Drive

A popular choice among the RV crowd is flat towing a 4WD car for use at an off-road park or other local attraction. Yet you don't have to own an RV come tow a 4WD vehicle. It can be done v a regular car as well, noted the tow rating will allow for it.

Depending top top the type of transmission in the towed vehicle, the flat-towing procedure is contempt different. Because that a towed 4WD auto with a hand-operated transmission, you'll need to properly disengage the move case and also lockout hubs and also transmission. You'll likely need to recommendation the owner's manual for this operation.

For a towed 4WD automobile with an automatic transmission, you'll need a driveshaft coupler to disengage the rear driveshaft. Again, examine your owner's manual for comprehensive instructions.

Driving Tips for Towing another Car

The rules for driving if towing another car are comparable to those for driving a semi-truck. Keep the adhering to tips in mind when towing a auto with one more car:

Drive slower than you generally would. The extra weight of the auto being towed means longer braking distances, so you require to adjust your speed accordingly. Leaving plenty the room between your car and the one ahead.Easy on the brakes. protect against sudden braking or panic stops once you space towing a automobile with one more car. Due to the fact that the vehicle you are towing might not weigh much much less than the vehicle you are driving, the physical laws of motion apply. Ensure her brakes room up come the task and also that her rotors and pads space in good condition.Use your mirrors and also turn signals. Being conscious of your surroundings is also more an essential when you're towing something – especially one more car. Ensure your mirrors space correctly an installed and secure, clean, no cracked, and readjusted to the driver. We recommend tow winter for much longer towed vehicles or trailers. Also, usage your rotate signal! It's essential to allow other vehicle drivers know what you intend to carry out so lock don't create extr problems for you.Exercise caution when transforming lanes. ~ you've activated your turn signal and also checked your mirrors carefully, slowly adjust lanes once it is for sure to perform so. Mix vehicles create blind spots, and as it states on the back of countless semi-trailers, "If you can't view my mirror, i can't check out you."Avoid sharp turns. since a tow bar or A-frame tow bar may affix the two vehicles, sharp transforms may an outcome in the behind of the tow car impacting the prior of the car being towed, causing damages to both cars.

What Can occur to the Towed auto If You execute It Wrong?

Finally, before you use your auto to tow one more vehicle, be certain to check the owner's hand-operated for both vehicles. Towing a vehicle improperly can damages the driveline that the towed vehicle and void the warranty. Replacing driveline parts can be incredibly expensive, and you should avoid this at all costs.

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Also, be certain to check the tow rating and payload rating for the tow vehicle. And keep in mind that while it may be safe to tow with your car, the vehicle you're towing may not it is in designed because that such activities.