What come know before getting behind the wheel in the Sunshine State


The idea of steering barefoot in Alaska probably doesn"t appeal to you. Divine frostbite, Batman! but you might be tempted to melted your shoes when you"re pack up a day in ~ the coast in Miami or as soon as you"re cruising along the abroad Highway to an essential West, home windows rolled down and the Beach guys on the radio. If losing your shoes and going barefoot sounds like liberty to you, you"ll be glad to understand that Florida has no laws prohibiting driving there is no shoes. The doesn"t average you must do it, however.

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Q: What space Florida"s laws around driving barefoot?

A: In short, there room none. Florida has no statutes regarding acceptable footwear for driving. In fact, steering barefoot in reality is legal in all 50 states.

But while it may be legal to drive without shoes, picking to do so could result in major consequences. If you reason an accident while driving barefoot, police might conclude that your lack of footwear contributed to the accident and also charge you through negligence.

Q: What around driving a motorcycle?

A: Florida has strict laws about the appropriate use the motorcycles and also mopeds. Drivers must challenge forward at all times and keep both hands on the handlebars, for instance. However state legislations are reasonably lenient around the clothes that vehicle drivers of motorcycles and mopeds have the right to wear. In fact, a rider 21 or enlarge doesn"t also have come wear a helmet as lengthy as that or she is covered by an insurance plan with at least $10,000 in medical benefits.

The law doesn"t deal with acceptable footwear, therefore technically, you might be allowed to drive barefoot ~ above a motorcycle or moped. It"s really unsafe to do so, however. You"ll attract the fist of local police by driving without shoes, and also you may be charged v negligence if you cause an accident when barefoot.

Q: What else must I know?

A: Remember: Just because the state the Florida doesn"t outlaw barefoot control doesn"t median skipping shoes once you rental a motorcycle or journey a vehicle as component of a sightseeing tour is a for sure option. If you"re operating a rented automobile or driving while participating in a tourist attraction, you"re subject to the company"s safety and security rules.

And just due to the fact that driving barefoot is legitimate in Florida doesn"t make it a an excellent idea. Your skin can"t obtain traction against gas and brake pedals together a nonslip shoe sole does. This method you won"t have optimal regulate over the pedals if driving, and that"s dangerous. It"s particularly risky when your feet space wet or slippery.

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Driving in flip-flops or high heels isn"t lot better, though. Sandals that slip off quickly can obtain stuck under the pedals, and also high heels put your feet at an awkward edge for operating those pedals. The nationwide Highway website traffic Safety administration says the wearing flip-flops, heels or heavy boots may add to auto crashes. Lightweight, flat-soled shoes are the the safest footwear option for driving.