Actress boy name Duff concerned fame together the title character on the TV series "Lizzie McGuire" and her debut popular music record, "Metamorphosis," went triple-platinum.

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Who Is boy name Duff?

Actress and also singer hilary Duff came to fame together the location character on the Disney Channel collection Lizzie McGuire. Wildly famous with the tween set, Duff rotate herself right into a renowned franchise with films like The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) and A Cinderella Story (2004). She additionally released number of pop albums and her debut record, Metamorphosis (2003), walk triple-platinum. Duff has actually has she own clothing lines: ingredient by young name Duff and Femme because that DKNY Jeans. In 2015, she became part of the fight TV series Younger.

Early Life and also Career

Hilary Erhard Duff to be born ~ above September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas. She is the second of 2 daughters born to Susan, a housewife rotate film and also music producer, and also Bob Duff, the owner of a chain the Texas convenience stores. Taking after she sister, Haylie, Duff gotten in ballet classes and auditioned for regional theatrical productions with her sibling at a young age. "I constantly wanted come be like my enlarge sister, Haylie," Duff later on recalled. "When she learned to ride a bike, I had to together well. If she take it ballet lessons, ns did too. I took to sing lessons since she did. That all just got an ext intense till it turned into careers because that both of us."

At the age of six, Duff was cast alongside her sister in a BalletMet Columbus production of The Nutcracker Suite in mountain Antonio. It to be a positive experience for both of the girls, who, in turn, aspired come act professionally. In 1993, they relocated to California through their mother, who started managing their careers. Start at the age of eight, Duff was additionally home-schooled by she mother.

The budding actress got her first big break in Hollywood as soon as she landed the lead function of Wendy, starring opposite an animated ghost in the 1998 made-for-TV movie Casper Meets Wendy.




Movies, TV and also Music 

'Lizzie McGuire'

In 2000, Duff was cast on a brand-new sitcom, Daddio. She operated on the present alongside Michael Chiklis, who stated after working through her because that one day, "This young girl is walk to it is in a movie star." Unfortunately, Chiklis' was no the just opinion that mattered. After just one illustration — the pilot — Duff was dropped from the series by the producers. Depressed, Duff want to give up on show business, however her mother encouraged her not to provide up she dream. The very next week, she landing the lead role on a new Disney Channel show entitled Lizzie McGuire.

Lizzie McGuire soon became a runaway hit, make Duff, performing as its location character, a family members name. The young actress was especially popular v the tween set, despite her pan base soon extended throughout all period ranges: "I don't think the Disney Channel gives us enough credit because that the age selection Lizzie McGuire in reality has," Duff once said. "College students come up to me, grandparents, famed people." After certification in 65 episodes over two seasons, Duff reprised the function of McGuire for 2003's The Lizzie McGuire Movie. The movie was incredibly successful, grossing an ext than $55 million worldwide.

Duff's success through Lizzie McGuire led she to work-related in other facets v Disney, consisting of starring in the 2002 Disney Channel movie Cadet Kelly and releasing an album, Santa Claus Lane, because that the company's music label. In 2003, Duff and Disney gotten in negotiations because that an expansion to the Lizzie McGuire franchise, however talks broke down end pay disputes, and the show pertained to an end the adhering to year.


In respectable 2019, it was announced that Duff would return to headline a reboot of Lizzie McGuire for the brand-new Disney+ streaming service. The updated version will attribute Lizzie in her 30s, juggling the requirements of work and also relationships, v old girlfriend and her animated 13-year-old transform ego also collection to appear.

'Metamorphosis' Debut Album

The year 2003 to be a liven one because that Duff, together the 16-year-old starred in three movies — Agent Cody Banks, The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Cheaper through the Dozen — and released her very first non-Disney studio album, Metamorphosis. Featuring songs composed by both Duff and her sister, the album eventually went triple-platinum in the united States. By now, Duff had developed a reputation as a teen idol and drew comparisons to the so late Annette Funicello, who had risen to prominence as the star that The Mickey mouse Club half a century before.

'A Cinderella Story'

In 2004, Duff starred in 2 films: A Cinderella Story, which was moderately effective at package office and also Raise her Voice, i beg your pardon bombed. That very same year, the starlet released her second album, the eponymous Hilary Duff, which earned platinum certification, and launched her own fashion line, ingredient by young name Duff, which experienced mass distribution through Target and also K-Mart. (She would later launch the fashion line Femme because that DKNY Jeans.) Also in 2004, Duff started dating an excellent Charlotte frontman Joel Madden; their relationship would finish in November 2006.

By 2005, Duff, desperately wanting to relocate away from tween fare so that she could be bring away seriously as an adult actress, was attempting come reshape her public image. She starred in The Perfect Man v Heather Locklear in 2005, and also in Material Girls with sister Haylie in 2006, however both films bombed through movie audiences.


Duff's fourth studio album, Dignity, was released in 2007 come both crucial and advertisement acclaim, praised for providing a more mature, adult sound than that that its predecessors. Working v American singer-songwriter Kara DioGuardi, Duff co-wrote all yet one tune on the album.

Duff was then available the lead duty in the 2008 reboot that the 90210 TV franchise, however passed top top the part, to like to make a definitive move from she high institution image. She went on to appear in the politics satire War, Inc. (2008) alongside john Cusack.

Indie Films

Continuing her efforts to bolster her picture as a major actress, Duff has appeared in numerous independent movies in current years. In 2009, she starred in the indie drama According come Greta through Melissa Leo and Ellen Burstyn, and in the comedic drama Stay Cool through Winona Ryder, Jon Cryer and also Chevy Chase. Duff to be then actors alongside Val Kilmer and Kris Kristofferson in 2010's Bloodworth, and also was later featured in the 2012 comedy She wants Me, in addition to Josh Gad and also Charlie Sheen.

Duff has likewise continued to show up on the small screen, playing Lane Daniels in the 2010 TV movie Beauty & the Briefcase and also guest-starring ~ above a number of series, consisting of Gossip Girl, Community, Raising Hope and Two and a half Men.


Staring in 2015, Duff signed on to play the role of Kelsey Peters in the TV series Younger, the contrary Sutton Foster. The success that the first season has led to the show's longevity and also marks Duff's very first major function on television since she to be a tween actress top top Lizzie McGuire

'Breathe In. Breath Out.'

Duff exit her fifth studio album, Breathe In. Breath Out., in the feather of 2015 v its accompanying singles "Chasing the Sun," "All about You" and also "Sparks."

'The Haunting of Sharon Tate'

Indicating that she had indeed moved well beyond the Disney princess image, Duff in early 2018 revealed that she would be starring in a film together Sharon Tate, the actress eliminated by followers of Charles Manson in 1969. The announcement didn't sit well v Tate's sisters Debra, who criticized the idea of make a movie around the Manson murders as "classless" and "exploitative." The Haunting the Sharon Tate drew mostly an unfavorable reviews, though it likewise picked increase a couple of wins in ~ the 2019 Hollywood Reel Independent movie Festival.

Activism and Philanthropy

Outside of her performance career, Duff is heavily associated with charities, particularly those focusing on the legal rights of animals and children. In 2005, she donated $250,000 to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina and encouraged her fans to donate together well.

As she looks toward the future, Duff remains an extremely aware that the unusual methods that allowed her to attain a an excellent amount of success at a young age, saying, "I wonder what life would have actually been prefer to have actually a different life. I periodically wish i wasn't always watched or didn't have to worry around been viewed somewhere. However I've proficient things other girls haven't. I've traveled, I'm financially independent, I own a beautiful home and I'm happy with my job. Ns don't have to struggle v the questions a many other ladies do."

Duff likewise looks front to challenges and also opportunities for growth, both in her career and an individual life. "I want to grow as a person, and also I desire to make mistakes," she has actually stated. "I'm human, too. So i think I've obtained to a place where I'm really being myself."

Personal Life

On respectable 14, 2010, Duff married she longtime boyfriend, Mike Comrie, a expert hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins the the national Hockey League. 

On in march 20, 2012, Duff offered birth to the couple's very first child, boy Luca Cruz Comrie. In a 2013 interview v the Today show, Duff stated that she was "obsessed" through being a mom. "It's really humbling. It's all around him. ... It's his world. We're just living in it," she said. "I feel prefer my heart just swelled. I didn't recognize I could love something for this reason much. And that keeps getting much more intense as he grow older."

After Duff and also Comrie divorce in 2016, the actress welcomed daughter financial institutions Violet Bair through her boyfriend, musician Matthew Koma, in June 2018. The pair got engaged in may 2019 and also tied the knot that December.

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In march 2021, Duff and Koma invited their second child together, daughter Mae James.

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