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I’ve acquired some larger posts around this, since others have actually asked before. It’s such a hotly debated topic that the discourse has become really bad, so I evaluate that you aren’t attack me for not automatically riding the infectious diseases worldwide train. 🚂

She’s never emphatically proclaimed Grelle’s gender. In fact, she still typically uses male pronoun for the character and calls Grelle an “okama”, i beg your pardon is one umbrella term for a few different points in western thought. One okama have the right to be a:

gay, effeminate man who periodically cross-dresses (like a traction Queen),gender- fluid male, ortrans-woman

In the character Guide, Grelle provides an “interview” and also provides really over-the-top replies… lot like a celebrity could do in some teenager magazine. In that, Grelle mentions thinking about gender reassignment surgery, having children (not certain how, but ok, it’s simply wishful thinking, anyway), obtaining a house with a picket fence, and also getting a husband (Will, I must think is the target for that)… oh, and also getting a dog. The initial Japanese version simply says “okama” in the summary by one of the personality sketches. The French translate into is a license is granted translation and also says (translated into English) “effeminate homosexual transvestite”… i beg your pardon is basically favor saying “Drag Queen”. The just English translation easily accessible is a fan translation, so as soon as it claims “trans woman”, I have to think about the bias of whichever pan did the translating.

In the “Ciel in Wonderland” OVA, Grelle seems specifically confused about the gender issue and also doesn’t it seems ~ to have the ability to decide between the two. “Cheshire Cat” Grelle basically decides not to decide, due to the fact that each sex has its very own advantages.

In the manga, Grelle admits the being male/a guy rules the end the ability to be affected by each other children… but never mentions this again… no in the main series, anyway. Grelle self-refers together a “lady”, “actress”, etc. For most of the manga however seems to have actually the ability to slip out of that function whenever it’s an ext convenient to it is in a “man”. The extra chapter, the “Akuma 6”, reflects what Grelle imagines a higher-ranking rosette 🏵 would do, and the image is of either a female version of Grelle… or at least a hormone therapy-using (and perhaps post-op) Grelle. Grelle’s acquired quite a rack in that image. “The Butler, Requested” additionally shows Grelle as a “mermaid” with shells to cover the tits (even though they space not “developed” in the image).

I supplied to usage male pronouns for the character, and also people wouldn’t leave me in peace over it. Now, I generally avoid using any type of pronouns because that Grelle… or stating a certain gender.

Honestly, though? I think Grelle more than likely is trans; the assorted bits that info regarding gender sure do lean that way. I simply don’t state a canon gender for Grelle, because Yana-san hasn’t specified it in a way that translates clearly. She can not realize just exactly how much it’s debated in the west fandom, since “okama” is enough for Japanese readers. Therefore, she could never define it using terms the Western fans will completely understand.

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That’s why it’s commonly Western fans that acquire into debates over Grelle’s gender. The Japanese just say “Grelle’s one okama” and also usually leave it at that… and shrug 🤷🏻‍♀️ at us when we space still so confused.

So, yeeeaaahhh… numerous say Grelle is a trans woman, many others to speak a gay man. I’m one of the ones what in the center going “probably trans, I’m just not gonna speak to it. ‘Okama’ can be the just term we acquire out the the writer who developed the character. Y’all have the right to think everything you like.”

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