would ethyl acetate/hexane be thought about nonpolar or polar overall? I recognize that the ethyl acetate is polar and also the hexane is nonpolar. Ns am trying to know what if polar or nonpolar analgesics would certainly travel additional in TLC. I know that if ethyl acetate/hexane is polar 보다 a much more polar one will travel further, and if the is nonpolar then nonpolar will travel further.

I was looking here and also I check out that caffeine is the many polar (out the aspirin and also acetaminophen) and traveled the least distance (lowest $R_mathrmf$) in mine experiment. I assumed that ethyl acetate/hexane to be polar so i would have thought caffeine would certainly be the least polar because it travel the shortest.

So am i wrong the ethyl acetate/hexane is polar or room they wrong the caffeine is the most polar?



Never have actually I watched a typical phase (i.e. Silica gelatin or alox) TLC where a more polar compound travels further than a less polar link — and I have actually used some extremely (considering typical phase TLC) polar eluents in the past.

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The top-running link are always the least polar and the slowest are constantly the most polar in typical phase TLC.


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