The man who tried taking on Frieza and possibly became the first Super Saiyan, depending on your canon interpretation


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By now, anyone that has visited this site or the internet in the past week in general probably knows that Broly and Bardock are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC. Why should they not? They are both fairly popular characters that have been in many Dragon Ball games before.

One thing about the announcement that got some extra attention though was the fact that Bardock turns into a Super Saiyan for his level 3 Super in DBFZ. For those that had only seen the show, read the manga, and possibly seen Bardock"s first special, it would be confusing to see a character turn Super Saiyan before Goku had.

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This poses the questions of who was Bardock? Why is he important? Where did he appear? Also, is he canon?

To start off with that first question, we must use Trunks" convoluted time machine to go back to 1990 (or about 10 years later if you want the dub) when the TV special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku was first released.

So as that title suggests, Goku is Bardock"s son. That also makes Bardock Raditz"s father as well. Simply put, Bardock was a lower class Saiyan warrior that died with the rest of his race at the destruction of Planet Vegeta by Frieza.

Bardock may be one of the most important characters to the overall story though because he pulls a Jor-EL and sends Goku to Earth before their planet"s demise.

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Like the rest of the Saiyan race, Bardock loved to fight. He led a small platoon of Saiyan warriors under the orders of Frieza to attack planets to add to the tyrant"s galactic empire. He also possessed characteristics not normally found in other Saiyans. He held compassion for his subordinates and others.

That is why Bardock took it upon himself to avenge his comrades after Dodoria wiped them out after Frieza decided to eradicate all Saiyans. He attempts to warn the others of Frieza"s plot to no avail, so he sets out to take on Frieza alone. He puts up quite the fight against Frieza"s minions until the ruler himself comes out.

Bardock proclaims their freedom from Frieza"s rule to which Frieza responds by killing everyone and destroying Planet Vegeta, as he does.

In his final moments, Bardock sees a vision of Goku fighting Frieza on Namek and knows that his son will be the one to take down the galactic ruler (because it certainly was not going to be Raditz).

This leads into the second major appearance of Bardock. The manga Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, released in 2011, along with the anime adaptation pick up at end of the previous special with Bardock being engulfed in Frieza"s planet annihilating attack except this time Bardock wakes up on a planet that resembles Planet Vegeta with a different race of purple creatures living on it.

It is deduced that Bardock has woken up in the past on a planet called Plant. Two soldiers show up and declare they are going to take the planet in the name of Lord Chilled, but are easily taken out by Bardock.

After not hearing back from his subordinates, Chilled investigates Planet Plant himself where he begins to terrorize it. Bardock attacks Chilled mistaking him for Frieza, but Bardock is no match for Frieza"s assumed ancestor.

Now the part you"ve all been waiting for.

One of the Plants, named Berry, tries to protect Bardock from Chilled"s finishing blow. Bardock, enraged by this, turns into a Super Saiyan and defeats Chilled.

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Chilled survives Bardock"s assault to pass down the legend of the Super Saiyan to his descendants putting the fear into Frieza, so it can be seen that Bardock was the first Super Saiyan (and also a Super Saiyan with a tail).

Now how canon are these two stories? It is debatable. Episode of Bardock was not worked on by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and is considered a "What if?" episode. The first special though is referenced in the main series / Dragon Ball Z kai and is therefore at least partially canon to the rest of Dragon Ball"s weird timeline (thanks again Trunks, but it"s okay because you are cool).

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Bardock also appears in side works like Dragon Ball Minus, as well as in Dragon Ball Heroes as a character from a different dimension, though those tend to contradict what came before.

There you have it. Bardock set the Dragon Ball story in motion and is at least partially canon (unlike Broly). Tell us what you think of Dragon Ball, Bardock, convoluted timelines, and articles like this in the comments below

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