This moisturizer is unique formulated come discourage pet from licking the however, if they carry out it is safe.

through top top Jul 31, 2018 Report

Bag balm does not have an expiration date. The product will darken end time, but will still work-related the exact same as a brand-new tin.

by top top Nov 30, 2017 Report

my 2 year old pittie has blisters on all 4 paws. He" an extremely active and also we just gained him some booties to defend his paws outside. Deserve to we use it ~ above his paws even though he has actually blisters and also put the booties on best after ?

The Moisturizer will help condition the paws ago to typical but since blisters are current we would recommend using and then letting paws air the end after rubbing in.

by on Oct 27, 2017 Report

You might want to check out your vet to acquire a powder call Predef that can help dry and also ease the ache of sores ~ above dog paws.

by Smarge top top Sep 29, 2019 Report

The ingredients room the very same for both pets and also their person pet parents.

through ~ above Dec 20, 2019 Report

I just received this and only applied it to my lab" paws once a day, for 2 days. I already see an development to her unstable paws. How regularly can I use it to her paws?

The Paw and also Nose Moisturizer doesn" have a border for usage, you can use it as needed.

by top top Feb 4, 2018 Report

This product is perfect to defend paws in harsh weather such as ice and snow.

by on january 16, 2018 Report

Is this enjoyment odor free? The ingredients suggest that the is. My dog doesn" favor the scent of various other balms.

Bag enjoyment can reasons stains, however to alleviate the opportunity of residue be sure to thoroughly massage the balm into your pet" paws. Socks can additionally be worn over the application. If stains take place you have the right to use food soap through baking soda come remove.

through on Nov 1, 2019 Report

The moisturizer is made to treat chafed, cracked, damaged skin and contains lanolin to soothe and soften skin i beg your pardon may be able to alleviate calloused skin.

by ~ above Aug 15, 2019 Report


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