Vain, Vein, or Vane?

"A vein" is a blood courage or a distinctive style."Vain" way "self admiring" or "futile." (The term "in vain" (as in "to shot in vain") means "without success")."A vane" is a stabilizing fin or blade.

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More about "Vein," "Vain," and also "Vane"

The words "vein," "vain," and also "vane" sound similar (i.e., they space homophones), however their interpretations are very different.


The noun "vein" has 4 main meanings:(1) A blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries towards the heart.
varicose veins(2) A distinctive style or manner
. Mr. Mellor continued in the very same vein in spite of several reprimands. (3) A layer of ore or mineral between layers the rock.
mineral vein running (4) The ribs that assistance an insect"s wing.
veins in one insect"s soup


The adjective "vain" way "conceited" or "self admiring." "Vain" can additionally mean "fruitless." In this meaning, that is frequently seen as "in vain" meaning "without success" or "in a effective manner."Examples: Petra is for this reason vain. She spends half her time feather in the mirror. ns tried in vain to traction the watercraft ashore, yet it was just too heavy.


The noun "vanedenotes a tongue or a fin usually provided to stabilize things in the wait or in water. That is most generally seen in the word weathervane.Examples: The stabilizing vane has actually come loose. The stole casing protects the vane from damages in the occasion that the vessel access time the rocks.

Common Terms through the indigenous "Vain," "Vein," and also "Vane"

The word "vain" (meaning "futile" or "producing no result") is regularly seen in the complying with terms:To try in vainA vain attemptTo carry out something in vainA vain hope"Vain" (meaning "self-admiring") is often seen in the following terms:A vain personYou"re for this reason vain.The indigenous "vein" (meaning "the pipe forming component of the blood circulation system") is often seen in the adhering to terms:vein blockagevein bruisevein burstvein collapsevein creamvein graftvein infectionvein in legvein removalvein thrombosisCommon state with the word "vane":weathervane
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