“I desire It All” Queen was released by Queen in 1989 and was featured in their 13th studio album The Miracle.There are at least three versions of this song. The longer one… review More 
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I desire it every (Hey, yeah), I desire it allI want it all, and also I desire it nowAdventure seeker ~ above an empty streetJust an alley creeper light on his feetA young fighter screamingWith no time for doubtWith the pain and also angerCan't view a means out"It ain't much I'm asking"I heard the say"Got to uncover me a futureMove out of my way"I desire it all, I want it allI want it all, and I desire it nowI desire it all, I desire it allI want it all, and also I desire it nowListen, every you people, come gather 'roundI gotta obtain me a game planGotta shake you to the groundJust offer me what I know is minePeople, execute you listen me?Just give me the sign
It ain't much I'm askingIf you desire the truthHere's come the futureFor the dreams of youthI desire it all, I want it all(Give that all, I desire it all)I want it all, and I desire it now (Hey)I want it all, I desire it all(Yes, I desire it all, hey)I desire it all, and I desire it nowI'm a man with a one-track mindSo much to perform in one lifetime(People, carry out you listen me?)Not a male for compromiseAnd where's and also why's and also living liesSo I'm living it every (Yes, I'm living it all)And I'm giving it all(And I'm giving it all, ooh, yeah)(Yeah, yeah, yeah)(I want it all)
It ain't much I'm askingIf you want the truthHere's to the futureHear the cry the youth(Hear the cry, listen the cry the youth)I want it all, I desire it allI desire it all, and I want it nowI want it all, I desire it all(Hey, yeah, yeah)I want it all, and also I want it now(Ooh, ooh) I want it nowI desire it, I desire it!Oooh, huh!
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“I desire It All” Queen to be released through Queen in 1989 and was featured in your 13th studio album The Miracle.

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There space at least three versions of this song. The longer one is the album version, if the shortest one is supplied in the music video clip and in the Greatest hits II compilation. Compared to the album version, both the single version and video version features a various beginning, omitting the acoustic/electric guitar component and the quick rhythmic-electric guitar part immediately following.

The tune was very first played live ~ above April 20th, 1992, three years after ~ its release, during The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, perform by the three continuing to be members that Queen, v Roger Daltrey to sing lead vocals and Tony Iommi play rhythm guitar. Mercury himself never ever performed the tune live, as he died in November 1991 from AIDS at the age of 45, and also his final performance with Queen to be at the end of The Magic Tour, at Knebworth Park on 9 august 1986. The song is sung greatly by Mercury, with might singing top top the choruses and also middle eight.

The song, according to bassist john Deacon, was one of only a couple of which was already written before the band entered the studio in the beginning of 1988 for what would come to be The Miracle album. The title stems native a catchphrase that Anita Dobson, later on guitarist Brian May’s second wife: “I desire it all and I want it now!”. The tune is especially heavy and also features themes relating come rebellion and also social upheaval. Songwriter May, however, insurance claims that the is around having ambitions and fighting because that one’s very own goals; due to the fact that of this, the song became an anti-apartheid song in south Africa and has likewise been supplied as a gay legal rights protest theme and also a rallying anthem because that African-American youth.

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The music video features the band performing in a studio that supplied halogen lighting. It was directed by David Mallet and filmed in ~ Elstree Studios, London in march 1989. In the Greatest video clip Hits II DVD audio commentary, Brian May and Roger Taylor recall that Mercury’s wellness was already quite negative when the video’s shooting take it place, and it was impressive that it didn’t present up in the video, with Mercury performing v all the energy he had. The video clip also functions Mercury’s an initial public appearance with a beard to hide the Kaposi’s sarcoma point out on his jawline, ~ shaving turn off his trademark mustache throughout the video clip shoot because that “The good Pretender” in February 1987.