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"I Swear" is a song written by Gary Baker and also Frank J. Myers that became a hit for American country music artist john Michael Montgomery in 1993 and also for American R&B team All-4-One in 1994. Montgomery"s version, exit in November 1993 as the lead solitary from Montgomery"s album Kickin" it Up and also accompanied by a Marc Ball-directed music video, spent four weeks at number-one on the U. S. Hot nation Singles & monitor chart, later on crossing end to pop radio and also reaching number 42 ~ above the us Billboard warm 100. All-4-One"s covering later came to be a number one hit in many countries.more »

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I see the inquiries in your eyesI understand what"s weighing on her mindBut you can be certain I know my part"Cause I"ll stand next to you v the yearsYou"ll just cry those happy tearsAnd despite I"ll do mistakesI"ll never break your heartI swearBy the moon and also stars in the skyI"ll be thereI swearLike the shadow that"s by your sideI"ll it is in thereFor much better or worse"Til fatality do us partI"ll love you with every to win of mine heartI swearI"ll offer you everything I canI"ll build your dreams with these 2 handsWe"ll hang part memories on the wallAnd when there"s silver- in your hairYou won"t have to ask if ns still care"Cause together time transforms the pageMy love won"t period at allI swearBy the moon and also stars in the skyI"ll it is in thereI swearLike the zero that"s by your sideI"ll it is in thereFor better or worse"Til death do united state partI"ll love you v every win of mine heartI swearI swearBy the moon and stars in the skyI"ll be thereI swearLike the zero that"s by her sideI"ll be thereFor far better or worse"Til fatality do united state partI"ll love you through every beat of my heartI swearI swear

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man Michael Montgomery john Michael Montgomery (born January 20, 1965, in Danville, Kentucky) is one American nation music artist. He has had more than thirty singles on the Billboard country charts, consisting of two that Billboard’s Number One nation singles that the year: "I Swear" (1994) and also "Sold (The Grundy county Auction Incident)" (1995). Five much more of Montgomery"s singles have reached the optimal of the country charts: "I Love the means You Love Me", "Be My baby Tonight", "If You"ve gained Love", "I have the right to Love You like That", and "The small Girl", when thirteen an ext have reached top Ten. Montgomery"s recordings of "I Swear" and "I can Love You prefer That" to be both released concurrently with R&B versions by the group All-4-One. Montgomery has actually released eleven studio albums, including a C… an ext »

Written by: Gary Baker, candid Myers