In general, it would be taken into consideration a an excellent idea come know much more than simply two indigenous of the language native to the country you’ll be traveling to. This would seem one even much better idea when you’ll it is in spending six weeks in claimed country, i m sorry in my situation would be Germany.

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Too negative I don’t know any German. No kidding: I just googled ‘how to say goodbye in German.’ Google Translate, ns love you. (Edit: Actually, i don’t. Considering the variety of mistakes the were stated to me…)

I’ve additionally been security a many time ~ above this site, cramming miscellaneous scraps of info in mine head and hoping it’ll be enough for as soon as I floor in Frankfurt Airport v no idea whereby anyone or noþeles is.

Despite mine complaints and lack the German eloquence, however, I’m truly looking front to my expedition to Deutschland. I’m walking with 4 other girls as part of a MISTI (MIT science and technology Initiatives) program called Highlights for High institutions . The five of us will be to teach at various schools everywhere Germany, utilizing curriculums we designed earlier this year. In just over a week, I’ll be able to tell exactly how much bio and also physics I managed to maintain from freshman year; I’m pretty certain these last 2 weeks – invested relaxing in ~ home, re-reading the take care of Potter books, and also playing frisbee pretty lot every job – haven’t assisted on the retention front.

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In addition to hold lessons, the various other girls and I hope to carry out quite a little of sight-seeing. We specifically have ours eyes set on the Neuschwanstein Castle:

Isn’t the beautiful?

And i really want to do a segway tourism of Berlin, despite I’d probably autumn off the segway:


At the end of the trip, I might even acquire to hop end to an additional country for a litttle while:

Look familiar?

To summarize ~(1) Ahhh, I gain to go to Europe because that the very first time in mine life!(2) Teaching’s funnn.(3) German chocolate? Yes, please.(4) MISTI pays for it all :)

Thanks to the wonderful Erin that works in the MIT-Germany office, I’ll have actually housing, food, a stipend, and a fantabulous suffer – one that’ll certainly need some blogging!

Until an additional time – Auf Wiedersehen!

P.S. On an unrelated note, i watched just how to Train her Dragon today, and now ns really want a dragon. I likewise watched Shrek Forever After, though, for this reason if i can’t gain a dragon, I’d be willing to accept a donkey-dragon hybrid. Simply saying.