Imagine my closest friend obtained a existing I had sent to him by the write-up, he then thanked me by email and currently I am composing a solution to him.

Shall I compose

Glad you liked it


Glad you like it

I think the initially one is much better.But if I compose preferred, it is past tense, so for me it suggests that currently my friend does not choose the existing.

Is the usage of the past just justified because the receiving belongs currently to the past?


Either is fine and also have to be

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Technically, one might argue that:

"glad you preferred it" referrals your friend"s pleacertain upon receiving the present; and"glad you like it" referrals his continuing pleasure via the existing.

However before, if there hasn"t been a long delay between his message and also your reply, the delight he expressed can be taken into consideration to still be in the current.


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