BMI is an estimate of body fat and a great measure of your patients" threat for diseases that can occur with overweight and also obesity. Because that adults, a healthy weight is defined as the proper body weight in relation to height. This proportion of weight to elevation is well-known as the body mass index (BMI). World who are overweight (BMI the 25–29.9) have actually too lot body load for your height. Human being who space obese (BMI the 30 or above) practically always have a big amount of human body fat in relation to your height. The higher the BMI, the greater the danger for love disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and details cancers (e.g., colon, breast, endometrial, and also gallbladder).

back BMI can be used for most men and also women, the does have some limits:

It may overestimate human body fat in athletes and others who have actually a muscular build. It may underestimate body fat in larger persons and others who have actually lost muscle.

BMI because that children and teens, 2 to twenty years old, is identified by utilizing a BMI table the compares your weight and also height in addition to growth charts. The growth charts usage a child"s BMI, age, and gender to develop a BMI percentile. A child or teenager who is in between the 85th and also 95th percentile on the growth chart is considered overweight.A boy or teenager who is in ~ the 95th percentile or above is taken into consideration obese. For an ext information around BMI percentile and also growth charts for children, visit and"s We Can! Web pages.

BMI Calculator

The BMI Calculator is an easy-to-use online device to aid you calculation your adult patients" human body fat. The BMI calculator provides Standard or Metric measures and also is easily accessible in English or Spanish.

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Check her patient"s BMI

BMI Table

The BMI Table is a static device to assist you estimate your patients" body fat.

Use the BMI Table

healthy and balanced Weight pointer

Use the BMI calculator to evaluate overweight and also obesity. Body weight alone have the right to be provided to follow load loss and to determine the performance of therapy.

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aid Your Patients inspect Their BMI

The BMI Calculator is one easy-to-use online tool to aid estimate body fat. The is also good a measure of patients" danger of heart illness that take place with much more body fat. The higher your BMI, the greater your danger of obesity-related disease.