Want to learn just how to to speak “hello” in Arabic? You’ve arrived on the best page.

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Arabic is a language spoken in almost every corner of the world. What is an especially unique about it is that there space so countless variations and also dialects that make that a varied language. In fact, it can be tricky to discover Arabic because many human being today don’t speak the traditional form, known as ‘fushah’. Instead, lock feel an ext comfortable using everyday language and social terms.

This isn’t to say that learning Arabic is impossible. V Arabic discovering apps and also books, you’ll obtain there. Arabic is certainly one language that can help you broaden your connections and also introduce you to a enormous community. The can likewise come in handy if you’re visiting the Middle eastern or phibìc Africa. So, if you’re looking to get familiar with a couple of terms in assorted dialects, right here is how to to speak “hello” in Arabic and more.

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11. “Please” in Arabic

If you would prefer to sharpen your courtesy in Arabic, then ensure the “please” is in your dictionary. Min fadlek – من فضلك respectfully recognizes the human you space trying to obtain the fist of. In fact, this indigenous is additionally used if you want to gesture come someone.

For instance, that is nice rude to say “take” or “here you go” in Arabic without speak “please” first. You can even use this together another type of “excuse me” because it converts to “if you please”.

Some dialects additionally say arjouk – أرجوك (masculine) or “arjouki” – “أرجوكِ” (feminine), however “min fadlek” is deemed more courteous.

12. “Congratulations” in Arabic

Arabs love to uncover ways come celebrate one event. In fact, there seems to be all sorts of reasons to to speak “congratulations” in Arabic. If you desire to acquire an idea of exactly how serious Arabs space with their celebrations, probably visit a local gift shop to see all sorts of occasions precious celebrating. Yet if friend don’t have the time, then you must probably obtain equipped v the following terms.

A common method to to speak congratulations in Arabic is “Mabrook”. However, numerous Arab linguists argue that the correct method to speak congratulations is in reality “Mubarak” together in “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Eid Mubarak”. End time, the original word walk under modifications until it became a slang. Thus, “mabrook”, back morphologically incorrect, is used much more frequently.

“Alf Mabrook” on the other hand takes one action further, fine a thousand measures actually. This phrase translates to “a thousand congratulations”. You deserve to also add the chance too, such as:

A Graduation: “Al Takharuj” – “التخرج”A wedding: “Al Zawaaj” – “الزواج”An engagement: “Al Khotooba” – “الخطوبة”A brand-new born: “Al Mawlood” – “المولود” (masculine) / “Al Mawlooda” – “المولودة” (feminine)Success in general: “Al Najah” – “النجاح”

However, you’re set on using “mubarak”, then simply replace it with “mabrook” for any kind of of the phrases above.

13. “Get well soon” in Arabic

Although there room a couple of ways come say “get fine soon”, listed below are the usual two. If you take a closer look, you have the right to see the beauty beauty of Arabic since each term works under a particular level of disease rather than a pass out “get well soon”.

Upon hearing that someone is unwell, you would certainly say “salamtak” – “سلامتَك” masculine, “salamtik” – “سلامتِك” feminine. You could also say Allah Yashfeek – الله يشفيك masculine, or “Yashfeeki” – “يشفيكِ”, feminine. In various other words, “may God heal you”.

Muslims Arabs could even say, alhamdulilah ala al salama – الحمد للله على السلامة, which method “thank God for her safety”. However, friend would typically say this to who who has come out of a surgery, or returned from a lengthy journey, or came back from something generally tough.

Unsurprisingly, the ax “Sahha” can additionally be used as a acquire well soon, because after all, the does analyze to “health”. For sort of boy instances, such together a listening someone sneeze or choke, you to speak “sahha, sahha” – “صحة صحة”. Though it go sound a bit weird once translated because you are literally saying “health, health” to someone trying to clean the airway.

14. “Excuse me” in Arabic

Both of this terms stem indigenous fushah and also are construed in every Arab country. In fact, this is absolutely one term you should learn as you will often be excusing you yourself in hard crowds or from wild sellers.

The standard means to say “excuse me” is “law samaht”.

The hatchet “afwan” – “عفوا” offer for more than one purpose. You can remember it together “you’re welcome” from earlier, yet it can additionally be taken into consideration as “pardon”. If you catch what a person was saying or you want to retract your statement, then “afwan” is your better option.

15. “OK” in Arabic

There yes, really isn’t much science behind the word “ok” in Arabic. You deserve to use any type of of the adhering to terms in any country. In fact, Arabic has likewise made room in its language for the literal meaning word “ok”. However if want to practice the common Arabic words, then you should probably go for the very first three.

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16. Goodbye

You should now finish your learning Arabic journey v mastering the “goodbyes”. Over there a few words that have the right to be supplied to authorize off, but these are typically reserved for human being you know. In Arabic, girlfriend wouldn’t end a conversation with a stranger by wishing them well. A simple thank you is sufficient. Nonetheless, below are a few ways to say “goodbye”:

By making use of this phrase, you space telling the human to “go v peace”. This is generally used to end a conversation among friends or people you generally know. If you want to important act as a local, you might use combine a slang into your authorize off. The phrase for example might be “yallah ma’a Al Salama” – “يلا مع السلامة”.

Another method to say “goodbye” is “wada’an” – “وداعا”. Come make things easy, take into consideration this word as the parallel the “marhaba” due to the fact that it contains no rules.

You most likely recall the phrase “Assalamualaikum” from means earlier. Well, even though it works as a greeting, it can also work for ending a conversation. Arab muslims, typically adults end the conversation by saying “peace it is in upon you”.

General phrases

Besides the phrases we have actually covered, friend should also get familiar with usual words and also some non-fushah terms to help you acquire around.

“Bas” works as both “but” and also “enough”. While no a product that fushah, the can aid you navigate approximately Arabs and understand lock better.

Many tourists that visit Arab countries, specifically the Gulf, constantly come earlier having learnt one word, “yallah”. “Yallah” is the Arabic identical of “Vámonos” or “Haydi” together it additionally translates to “let’s go” or “come on”. A very handy word and also bound come come in usage in your brand-new Arab circle!

You merely cannot learn Arabic there is no learning exactly how to to speak “yes” and also “no”. Luckily, they’re both an extremely easy terms to learn. Maybe the “a” in “na’am”, which is “yes”, may be tricky come pronounce, but you can constantly substitute that with any type of other Arabic word for “ok”.

As for “la”, or “no”, fine it’s certainly a breeze.


In all honesty, you should get an imaginative with this one. “What” in Arabic is used frequently, even in the place of “afwan” or “pardon” among youngsters. The assorted terms because that “what” will certainly truly do you stand out as an Arab. Here are some phrases you should try.

That concludes your guide to learning how to to speak “hello” in Arabic and other Arabic greetings. Adopting this terms will surely assist you increase your circle and navigate your means around cities prefer a local. Just bear in psychic of that you room addressing, take into account that masculine and also feminine terms, understand which room respectful and also slang phrases, and you’re every set! You might even impress a couple of Arabs and also score some extra goodies!