Amanda has been a Simmer (fan the "The Sims" games) due to the fact that childhood. To this particular day she tho discovers brand-new ways come play.

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How do You WooHoo in The Sims 3?

As through The Sims 2, the 2 WooHooing Sims (yes, it's limited to two Sims per WooHoo) must have actually a good relationship. However, uneven The Sims 2, love is not required. Desire a casual fling? No commitment? have actually at it! NOTE: This does not mean, however, the jealousy won't it is in a element in the future.

So start those romantic interactions! First, flirt a little. Perhaps offer a massage. Then relocate onto a kiss or a cuddling if you're already in bed. A more heated kiss is a beneficial followup. Monitor what the non-active Sim thinks of your Sim's do the efforts by looking to the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You may see the she (or he) think your sim is gift flirty, alluring, or also irresistible. You'll additionally be able to tell if the fire isn't hot sufficient yet. Keep in mind the repeating the same action over and over will result in a lose of relationship points or at least in the various other Sim detect your center boring!

When girlfriend think it's time, click on the ar in which you want your Sims to WooHoo and go for it!

Where deserve to You WooHoo in The Sims 3?

Tour Locations

Your Sim deserve to WooHoo in the armed forces base, the movie theater, the scientific research lab, City Hall, the film studio, and also the Vault of Antiquity. First, your Sim have to tour the location with his or her date, however; climate while they space both inside the selected building, friend can click it for the option to WooHoo if the partnership is high enough.


The choice to WooHoo in a time (or have actually a time at all!) comes through The Sims 3: people Adventures.


WooHoo in a bed in "The Sims 3."

Double Beds

The classic. Any type of adult (from young come elder) Sim have the right to WooHoo in this most timeless (some can save vanilla) the locations, the bed. It has actually its benefits, of course, such together the after-nap! For some variety, try a hover Bed (Lifetime Reward presented with The Sims 3: Generations) or a Murphy Bed (University).


Another civilization Adventures addition is WooHoo in a sarcophagus, because that the more morbidly skinny Sims and players.

Time Machine

The Sims time maker came with the Ambitions expansion pack and also offers up the ability for her Sims come "get it on" in this thing of their very own invention. "Try because that Baby" for, ah, exciting results.

Hot Tub

Another classic! We've seen hot tub WooHoo before, ago in The Sims 2. This time hot tubs come with the so late Night expansion pack.


Elevator WooHoo in "The Sims 3."


Also from late Night, Sims deserve to WooHoo v their lover in any kind of elevator even if it is public or private.

Actor Trailer

Unlock an actor trailer in The Sims 3: so late Night by getting to level 10 the the acting branch the the movie career.


Go for a standard shower WooHoo in "The Sims 3."


While showers have been around since the initial Sims game, The Sims 3 is ours Sims' first chance to WooHoo in one. Any kind of shower or shower/tub mix will do. Only an option with Generations installed.


Keep in mental it has to specifically it is in a "haystack" and not simply a tiny barrel that hay. Any type of adult Sim, except one that Hates the Outdoors, deserve to WooHoo here. Hay comes right into The Sims via Pets.

Photo Booth

Get the photo booth with The Sims 3: Showtime. Don't worry, that won't take any type of naughty photos.

Box the Mystery

Also from Showtime is package of Mystery, which have the right to only be accessed by having a Magician sim on the house lot together this is a job object.


Treehouse WooHoo


Get center treehouses by including either Generations or city Life stuff to your game.


Introduced with The Sims 3: Supernatural.

Gypsy Caravan

Get her fortune said or don't wait approximately for the future, have fun now and also WooHoo in this "rabbit hole" place of The Sims 3: Supernatural.


The Steam-It-Up Sauna have the right to be purchased indigenous the Sims 3 digital store and will add the new WooHoo option.


When the snow drops deep sufficient (Seasons) you'll acquire the ability to have actually your Sims do igloos. They have the right to then sleep, relax, and also WooHoo with a romantic partner inside, just like a bed!


Similar to how the haystack worked, the sheet pile (created by your center raking sufficient leaves in The Sims 3 Seasons) have to be tall enough for the WooHoo alternative to pop up.

Buy a fairy home to WooHoo in!

Fairy House

For fairies only! after all, who else might fit inside? Obviously, this WooHoo ar is native Supernatural.

Hot wait Balloon

Buy the warm Air Balloon native the Sims 3 save or as part of Aurora Skies for a new means to WooHoo.

All-in-One Bathroom

This new, convenient bathroom comes through Island Paradise and also functions as with a shower head for your Sims' WooHoo needs.

Underwater Cave

Located at the bottom that the ocean in The Sims 3: Island Paradise.

Resort Tower

An Island sky addition. For Sims visiting the resort.


The jetpack isn't a place to WooHoo so much as a way come WooHoo in The Sims 3: into the Future! your Sims will zoom up right into the air, the end of sight, while hearts float down to the ground.

Bot Workshop

Use the Bot Workshop from into the Future to rise Bot Building skills or just for a good old WooHooing time!


Similar come subways, yet you deserve to WooHoo in this an approach of transportation. Right into the Future only.

Restorable Car

Note, ns was unable to discover this alternative in-game or in-store. However, the is noted in multiple main resources as being an choice to WooHoo in The Sims 3. You re welcome feel cost-free to comment with any type of further information!


Moodlets are just how we watch our Sims' moods and also emotions in The Sims 3. Lock are outcomes of small and large life experiences, from brushing your teeth to having actually a baby. Moodlets have the right to be positive, negative, or neutral. They deserve to be unknown or timed. But that's a hub for one more day!

Let's take a look at at some of the unique WooHoo moodlets in The Sims 3.

Stride that Pride: native public WooHoo or any kind of WooHoo not on the house lot (such as remaining over in ~ a lover's home). Large for two hours and also gives your center a +60 the atmosphere effect. Your Sim will certainly actually perform a tiny 'stride that pride' aka a slow-moving strut as they naturally walk roughly afterward.Walk of Shame: From gift rejected because that public WooHoo. Lasts 2 hours. Gives your center a -25 mood effect. There might be a traction in your Sim's walk after this awkward rejection.Public WooHoo: From WooHooing top top a ar lot. Large eight hours and also gives a +20 effect.Mile low Club: From doing WooHoo in the Underwater Cave. Large 24 hours and gives a +15 mood impact on her Sim.Meter-High Club: From WooHoo in a float Bed. Lasts 2 hours, plus a +15 mood effect.Basket Club: WooHoo in a warm Air Balloon to get this moodlet which will last twelve hours and give girlfriend a huge mood impact of +50.Fifth Gear: native WooHoo in a restorable car. Lasts three hours, gives +20.Splinter!: You can randomly obtain this moodlet from WooHooing a treehouse in The Sims 3. It will last one hour and give a -5 mood effect. Unlucky and also Clumsy Sims have actually a greater chance of this moodlet.Rolled in the Hay: From WooHooing in the haystack. It will certainly last 2 hours and also give +15.Clothes Encounter: From WooHoo in a wardrobe. Lasts 2 hours, offers +40.Incredible Time!: From WooHooing with a center who has actually the call of Casanova, Maneater, Don Juan, or Natasha.Publicly Disgraced: Possibility of showing up after WooHoo in public or through a member of the Occult once your center is a celebrity. Lasts 3 days v a -20 effect.Embarrassed: for the Sim that isn't WooHooing, yet happens to walk in top top the fun. Lasts for three hours and gives your sim a -20 atmosphere effect.

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Other results of WooHoo in The Sims 3

Here I'll list some random occurrences not covered by the over information and also which may occur when your Sims WooHoo.

If your sim is captured in windy WooHoo in among the "rabbit hole" locations aka the locations in which your sim goes yet you can't follow, over there is a opportunity they will certainly be caught and also thrown out—naked!WooHoo in the gibbs Trailer comes with a danger of being caught be paparazzi.Try for baby in a treehouse in The Sims 3 may result in one predetermined trait the is based upon the layout of treehouse in which her Sims WooHooed.If her Sims WooHoo in the wardrobe, don't be surprised if castle come out in a brand-new outfit!

Did I miss out on Anything?

Due to the complicated, associated nature of The Sims, I'm certain I have actually missed an result or more. You re welcome feel cost-free to comment with any kind of fun WooHoo trivia you're mindful of!