Sometimes you have to know specifically how lot weed girlfriend have, and also that’s as soon as a range comes in handy. Many of us don’t just have actually scales top top hand though, which can complicate scenarios whereby you need to know the precise weight of your bud. If you have to weigh her weed but don’t have a scale, don’t fret. Not all is lost. We’ll display you exactly how to sweet weed there is no a scale so you deserve to navigate this dilemma!


May 20, 2021

Maybe friend went in through a girlfriend on a bag of weed from our Bellingham pot shop or Seattle dispensary and now want to separation it same so no one feels they are gaining the short end of the stick. Or perhaps you stocked increase on some green from our Spokane dispensary and also want to accurately distribute your bud into day-to-day microdoses. Everything the case, check out on to learn just how to sweet weed without a scale.

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The ruler and also penny method


The ruler and penny technique is probably the most common method to weigh weed without a scale. This is since pennies commonly weigh around 2.5 grams, make for basic object come compare with your bud.

Here’s just how it works:

First, you should channel your inner child, an especially if you offered to balance random objects on rulers. This is pretty much the gist the the method.

You have to make a fulcrum, or base because that the ruler to remainder on. A pen or pencil functions well for this.

Now, rest the leader on the pencil or object you’ve liked for the base. As soon as it is sitting evenly, that time to include your coin to one side. This should tip the scale to one side. Start to include your weed come the the contrary side and also continue including or taking away little bits until the ruler is evenly balanced.

Each coin is around 2.5 grams. You can continue to add pennies if you room looking come weigh big amounts the weed.

The hanger method


Another popular method to weigh weed without a range is to use a hanger, due to the fact that they come pre-balanced.

Cut two pieces the equal-length string and attach them to opposite sides of the hanger. Now, clothespin the bottom of each string come a ziplock bag.

Hang the hanger ~ above a cable or doorknob and also make sure it sit evenly. You need to ensure that it is well balanced before girlfriend start adding weights.

In one bag, include a reference weight. Pennies job-related well, due to the fact that they commonly weigh 2.5 grams every penny.

In the contrary bag, add your weed. Continue to include or take away pieces until you have actually a balanced hanger.

Use a phone app


We choose the other methods we’ve already mentioned since they are tried and true. Girlfriend don’t need an internet connection or a fee phone to figure out exactly how much weed girlfriend have.

However, if you are in search of a quick method to measure your weed there is no a scale – like many things – there’s an app for that. In fact, there space several.

If you have actually a smartphone, no matter the type, you can probably find a scale app. Simply download the app, place your weed on her screen, and also let your phone phone call you exactly how much weed friend have.

As convenient as this sounds, over there is a catch. The a huge catch, too. Smartphone scale aren’t accurate. That’s just a fact.

In fact, smartphone scale aren’t in reality scales. These varieties of apps frequently use gyroscopes to calculation weights, rather than actually measure the weight of things placed ~ above the screen.

Therefore, this an approach is an excellent if friend are trying to find an calculation of just how much weed you have. Don’t expect to obtain a super precise reading making use of a smartphone scale. If you space looking to split up your weed with someone and also prevent one human from gaining extra or cut short, it’s most likely a an excellent idea to monitor a different an approach of measurement.

Different measurements of weed


If you are looking to measure her weed, the likely since you want to evenly share it with someone 21 or larger or room looking come microdose with precise dosages.

We’ve gone over the different weed dimensions before, yet it’s worth stating what they are again:

A gram – This is frequently the the smallest option accessible at Washington dispensary locations. You can discover pre-rolled joints filled with a full gram or half gram that weed, or to buy the flower to grind yourself.The following size up is generally the eighth. This describes ⅛ of one ounce, or 3.5 grams.After the eighth is a quarter. This to represent ¼ of one ounce, or 7 grams. The can likewise be seen as two-eighths.The ounce is the biggest amount that weed you have the right to purchase in ~ our Seattle dispensary and also other locations throughout Washington, per the state’s legit limit.

Unfortunately, these dimensions don’t coincide v the 2.5 grams every penny. This method you’ll have to do part math to figure out the precise measurements.

Final thoughts on weighing weed without a scale

We expect our methods for weighing weed without a scale will help you when in a pinch. Keep in mind that the most accurate method to obtain a measurement of your weed is to use a true range meant for that purpose. The methods we’ve recommended are good in a pinch, however by no way 100% accurate.

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The three at our Bellingham dispensary and also other shops across the state come in pre-measured packages so you don’t need to worry around how lot you space getting. Save in mind the these assets are frequently rounded come the nearest measurement, and also may not 100% reflect the exact measurement, either.

Want to stock up on some green? whether you simply need a gram, are looking to stock up on a complete ounce, or noþeles in between, we’ve acquired your back at item of mental Cannabis!

Stop by to browse our wide selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and also more!