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go come the place he says and also go under as far as u can go to the harbor dock thingie and get on the boat.
But you can"t gain out the Cerulian City without cutting under a bush on the south side, so exactly how do u cut down the bush?
You need to go to the following gym and you"ll get a ss boarding pass that allows you walk on cruise whereby the captain is
No, walk to the structure that Team Rocket has ransacked, go v the wall surface that"s damaged at the ago and then follow the path down, you"ll obtain there
misty offered me the cut strike ut ns am unable to actually use it in bag redi beat red variation coould someone assist me out ?
tards, beat misty then usage ticket to S S Anne whereby captain provides u HM( forgot the number ) to usage CUT, not after misty!

Well if you gained the hm "cut" native the ss ane friend just have to teach it come a Pokemon,then select cut from the menu and the grass need to be trimmed down

I teach reduced to meowth and also I also win the complement from misty yet it not work whan ns select. Meowth. And also use cut assault it show new batch is required

The Hm of cut can be discovered by going abourd the S.S.Anne and also talking to the captain ~ fighting Gary.

go to vermilion city and find the S.S Ane and help out the captain after you fight gary. Should provide you one hm because that cut and also teach it to a grass pokemon.
i cant describe it yet go with an entrance u uncover this bridge and also u got to the end of it and also show the man ur ticket and also then if u show it to him u go passed him and also then u have the right to see the watercraft then u walk into the boat and find ur means through it and once ur in ~ the finish u battle garry so have ur pokemon complete helth! then the captain provides u cut! i think wen u get in this enntrance gate u should be in virigion citybefore u enter the entrance.

Misty just gives you the capacity to use it the end of combat. Even if you acquired the hm cut however didn"t to win misty you would not have the ability to cut noþeles down.





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