When working in Microsoft Word, you should always balance the content and look of your document equally. You might have a really convincing essay or the best business proposal in your company, but if it’s a block of text without formatting, the effect might be undesirable when you start to display your work.

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Something you can do to avoid this is utilizing text styles. In order to put more emphasis on specific words or sentences, you need to make them stand out from the rest of your body text. In this article, we will teach you how you can make your text bold, italic or underline in Microsoft Word.

Things you’ll need

A device with Microsoft Word installed and activated.

How to make text Bold Italic or Underlined in Word

Now, onto the step-by-step guide.

Launch Word, then either open an existing document or create a new one from the welcome screen.Go to the Home tab in your Ribbon. This is where you can find most of the basic text formatting tools in Word.
Locate the Font section.
To make text bold, click on the B icon in the formatting ribbon. This is located under the current font used in your document.
To make text italic, click on the I icon in the formatting ribbon. This is located under the current font used in your document.
To underline text, click on the U icon in the formatting ribbon. This is located under the current font used in your document.
Pro tip: use keyboard shortcuts! You can achieve the same text effects simply by pressing down a couple of keys on your keyboard. Here’s what you need to know about formatting text with shortcuts in Word:To make your selected text italic or start writing text in italic, press the Ctrl + I keys on your keyboard.To make your selected text underlined or start writing underlined text, press the Ctrl + U keys on your keyboard.

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We hope that this article was able to help you learn how to apply simple formatting to your text in Microsoft Word. Do you know someone who’s starting out with Word and other Microsoft Office products?

Don’t forget to share this article with them! Your friends, classmates, colleagues or employees can all get help in getting started with Word. If you want to learn more about Word or other Microsoft Office suite applications, feel free to browse our section of guides.

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