We"ve every been there. Invert. Jiggle. Shake. Slap. Nothing. When a Furby go comatose, there seems to be no hope of getting him or her awakened. This Instructable will display the measures to take it Furby apart and push begin him ago to life. This has worked on my own two so far and also will likely work because that yours, as this appears to it is in a typical problem. ~ a the majority of experimenting and also battery changes, I determined the cause for this state is not correct parking the the motor the drives furby"s mechanisms. Similar to a fine commercial robot, Furby cannot begin his program appropriately unless he is parked in the residence position. Review on and also be sure to look in ~ the photos, and also hopefully lug your old friend earlier to life! To perform this instructable you will certainly need:A comatose furby (won"t wake up up or reset)A hobby knifeA tiny phillips screwdriverA tiny flat screwdriverA warm glue gun and glue stickA sewing needleThread to enhance the shade of the ago of furbys ears.Scissors4 new AA batteries


First before continuing on, if you haven"t done so insert fresh new batteries right into Furby, revolve him upside down and also press the little reset switch on the bottom. If this doesn"t wake him, remove the batteries, and also secure the battery door for this reason it"s no in her way. Now inspect the basic of the furby and note it"s position. If correctly parked, furby have to be leaning forward regarding sleep. If the base isn"t expanded from Furby"s bottom, this Instructable is for you. Toh Loh is a Rainbow Furby. After an extended period of storage, he has gone into the comatose state. Note his position sitting level on the table. Additionally note the dazed and confused watch on his face. (Yes, I"m looking for his various other eyelash).


Using a sharp hobby knife such together an X-Acto #11, cut the stiches that affix Furby"s ears to the skeleton together per the photo. Then gently on slide the ear off. You perform not must remove the ears from the body, just the moving skeleton parts. As soon as the ears are loose, eliminate the extra thread you just cut from the earlier side that the ear by gently working it loosened and out.

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Furby"s fur is held on with a plastic zip tie that is sewed into the towel so you cannot watch it. Us will try to eliminate this without damaging the zip tie because it will be very hard come replace and also conceal if us don"t. Utilizing a small flat screwdriver, elevator the back side the the zip tie up and also over the lip on the basic of the furby. We"re not using the driver to "pry" the zip tie, just lift it over the lip for this reason we can push it upward. Once you get the tie worked roughly the first corner, it must come off fairly easy. Just keep functioning your way around. As soon as it"s loose, don"t acquire too irritated to eliminate it, look in ~ the next step!


There space two plastic "hooks" that help hold Furby"s hair on, one under each ear slot. Just pinch the fur and also pull that down till it unhooks and comes free. The knife take care of is simply used together a pointer in the photo, execute not use a device to unhook! when the hair is free from both sides, gently traction the zip tie ring up end the ears, turning it within out as you go. Be cautious not to rest the plastic ears! your furby should finish up looking prefer the one in the 2nd photo that this step. Currently gently pull the faceplate off. It need to come best off, it"s held on with warm glue. Remove any extra warm glue residue from the fur and also the body.


Now the the hair is off, be sure to placed it in a for sure place. Using the tiny phillips screwdriver, eliminate the 4 screws that room holding Furby"s right side on and put lock aside. Don"t loosened them! You carry out not should remove the left side to press start Furby unless you simply want to. (Just go ahead and remove the two screws holding the left cover on too, you know you want to check out Furby occupational from the within anyway) once the screws are out, gently traction the next cover outward about one inch. Eliminate the ago rub actuator (white plastic in the photo) and collection it next so that doesn"t get lost either. When the sheathe is loose from the body, reach inside and really gently pull the microphone native the cover. It"s just pressed into the hole with its foam surround holding it. Now gently on slide the ear skeleton v the slot and set the next cover aside.

Now take a good look within Furby. Ingenious! if you"re admiring the workings, psychic that all of Furby"s actions room made possible using only one motor! mental the old Stompers 4x4 vehicles? watch these in ~ http://www.stomper4x4.com this toys provided 1 (2 if you had a huge rig) AA battery to strength an odd looking square motor. Furby"s motor is situated in front just behind the left cover. Looks favor a stomper engine doesn"t it! Cool! Now note the position of the camer (marked with a yellow arrow) ~ above the huge gear ~ above Furbys right. It should be pointing bottom to elevator Furby off his base and lean that forward. Opportunities are the isn"t. It"s time to put Furby earlier in park. Placed 4 new AA batteries in Furby and also secure the battery door v the screw. Now set Furby top top the table.

Now the fun part. Note the small gear laying horizontal simply under the yellow arrowhead in the picture. Both of mine furbys" horizontal gears to be black. Utilizing a small flat screwdriver, carefully turn the equipment to the right several times till the electronic came on the earlier gear is in the direction of the down position. Be careful not to damage the teeth of the gear. Don"t rotate the equipment to the left just due to the fact that it"s closer to the direction, it has to turn the proper way, also if its number of turns top top the black gear. When the cam is pointing downward you need to start to an alert a pulsating responce native the motor together you turn. Don"t give up, it takes numerous responces from the motor prior to it in reality wakes up. You"re virtually there! Keep transforming the horizontal equipment to the appropriate until the motor fully kicks on and also goes through a selection of motions. It"s resetting it"s home position. After ~ a couple of seconds the the motor moving, Furby must awake v his normal audible yawn. Now"s the time to define to him why he"s naked and assure him that all will certainly be well.

Now the Furby is awake, give him time to recover while the town hall his engine run. Significant isn"t it? As funny as the is come watch, you must let Furby go earlier to sleep, for this reason let him rest for awhile. Now that Furby is asleep, gently pick him right up, and also holding the upright, remove the screw stop the battery cover and also open the cover. Shot not to wake Furby! now remove a battery for this reason he doesn"t wake up throughout the reassembly process. If you removed the left cover (I know you did) placed it ago on by gently slipping the ear v the slot and aligning the screw holes. Insert the 2 screws that holds it in place. Currently insert the ideal ear with the ear slot the the ideal cover. Now lay the covering on the table, and gently press the microphone back into that is holder. Then insert the back rub actuator into the right cover slot. The long tab on the actuator walk up. Now align the actuator come the left cover while placing the best cover earlier onto the Furby. Suitable alignment is presented in the last picture on this step. Once every little thing is in alignment, insert the four screws that holds the cover in place.

Now utilizing your hot glue gun put a small 1/8 customs bead the glue follow me the bottom that the faceplate"s mouth. Mindful not to gain glue all over it can get recorded in a gear or system or matted right into Furby"s sensative fur. If the glue is still warm place the face ago onto the Furby and also align it. Make sure the optical sensor lens (above Furby"s eyes) is do the washing up in the faceplate and there is no fur caught in between. Host the faceplate top top untill the glue sets good. Now location a tiny bead that glue in between the head and very top the the faceplate again making sure not to get glue in any kind of moving parts or fur. (See Arrow) hold the faceplate in place while letting the glue set.

Now relocate the ear skeletons for this reason they room pointing right up. Gently roll the fur back onto the head if inserting the ear skeletons through the holes. Now pulling just from the earlier of the zip tie, slide the fur down top top the body. Don"t shot to "roll" the fur earlier into place, the zip tie won"t allow it. Rather make sure the zip tie finish is the an initial to go under the human body pulling the rest into place. As soon as you have actually it down to the bottom, hook the fur earlier under the ear slots on every side.

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Now utilizing the flat screwdriver again, push the zip tie earlier down into it"s groove in the very same manner you gotten rid of it. Shot to acquire it over one of the back corners very first and work-related your means around come the front. Be cautious not come twist the fur about the zip tie while pushing it right into place, so her furby won"t watch distorted. Once you gain it ago in it"s groove and also everything looks good, on slide Furby"s ears earlier onto the skeleton, do a keep in mind of the tiny hole in the skeleton and its position.

Push the ears on until they touch the head in ~ the ear slot. Now thread your sewing needle using the ear colored thread and pull around 8 inches with the eye. Reduced the object 16 inch long and also tie a node in the finish securing both strands together. Starting from the back of the ear, press the needle v the fabric and also feel approximately until you get it v the little hole in the ear skeleton. You deserve to feel if her in the hole by make the efforts to relocate the needle around. Traction the thread every the means through until the knot stops in ~ the back of the ear. Currently insert the needle back into the former of the ear, and also pass it through above the hole, in the direction of the head to hook the object behind the arrowhead shape hook on the ear skeleton. Pull the thread taught. Now insert the needle ago where you began on the ago of the ear, back through the hole in the skeleton. Save looping the object in this way until enough thread is looped come securely organize the ear on and resemble the initial stitching. Try to save the object straight and also neat, and use the exact same holes in the cloth each time to create a manufacturing facility appearance. As soon as the loop is solid enough, protect against stitching with the needle top top the back side the the ear. Push the needle through the stitch top top the earlier of the ear and ago through the loop to do a knot, then making use of scissors, reduced the excess thread indigenous the back of the ear. Be mindful not to reduced the knot! Repeat with the other ear, making sure both ears are even and the stitching look at the same.

Now replace the battery you gotten rid of while Furby was sleeping, close the battery door and also secure the screw. Furby must pop ago to life and also will be happy to check out you. Don"t worry, your furby will quickly forget this traumatic experience, and also most most likely so will certainly your children. Don"t forget to keep good batteries in her furby as a avoidance of this trouble again. Remember if her furby seems to desire to go back to sleep as soon as you first wake him, hold down his tongue and jiggle that upside down, then relax the tongue to wake up him. Pictured below are my Rainbow Furby Toh Loh and also my tiny girls Tiger Furby Doo Moh, both recovering coma patients and both happy to view each other. If you don"t have a Furby, keep in mental my little girl bought she furby from a garden sale because that a quarter, probably because it wouldn"t wake up up. I hope this Instructable will job-related for you and also I expect you will be able to enjoy your furby as soon as again. If this Instructable help you please comment and tell us the surname of your brave and lucky furby. Have actually fun!