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Every Troy Bilt speak mower relies on its journey belt. So once it loosens up, yes sir a high chance the mower won’t perform as expected.

What to do as soon as the journey belt loosens up? simple – girlfriend tighten the up.

Sounds obvious, however many civilization may not have any idea what to execute with it. That’s why we determined to do a overview and help anyone through a loosened journey belt in a trojan Bilt mower.

Are you one of these people? Then keep scrolling and learn how to tighten increase the belt!

How to recognize If a Mower Belt requirements to be Tightened UpStep-by-Step Guide: how to Tighten Belt on troy Belt riding Mower

What is a Lawn Mower Belt?


Before we obtain into the great stuff, let’s define what a lawnmower journey belt is first.

To do it easy, we have the right to say that many lawn mowers usage a power Take-Off (PTO) shaft and a crankshaft to move the machine.

But trojan Bilt riding mowers don’t use any of those. Instead, castle come with range of pulleys linked to an electric clutch. This is just how a talk mower from this brand operates.

But this pulleys system doesn’t job-related by itself. It demands a drive belt come function. And that’s precisely what it does.

A lawnmower belt has the sole objective of moving the pulleys device inside a speak mower engine, powering increase the wheels and the rest of the machine.

How to recognize If a Mower Belt needs to it is in Tightened Up

At first sight, a loosen journey belt might not be noticeable at first. Yet after a couple of uses, you may feel exactly how the speak mower is not operating at its max.

Here room a couple of things you may experience:

Loosens Up

If you take a deep inspection into the talk mower and also you view that the is no tightened up to the pulleys system – climate you’re looking in ~ a loosened belt.

At the same time, you might hear exactly how the belt i m going up between a mowing session. This will certainly either develop squealing noises or just stop the maker from relocating entirely.

Little Power

Another usual problem is low riding mower. This happens since the journey belt is not creating enough force to relocate the machine. Thus, that doesn’t run at the max, leading to it to relocate at a slow pace 보다 usual.

Buggy Operation

In instance the belt is loosened up, and it gets stuck, climate you’ll feel just how they mower unexpectedly stops out of nowhere. This may even turn turn off the machine, leading to it to work-related inconsistently.

You may think this no produce any type of damage, but it does. It can actually harm your lawn a lot of – when making that harder for the engine come work and also reducing that lifespan.

So, what can you do once this happens? easy – friend tighten increase the journey belt.

Step-by-Step Guide: how to Tighten Belt on trojan Belt speak Mower

Are friend now specific your trojan Bilt drive belt requirements some tightening? climate you have to follow this guide.

The procedure is relatively easy, and also even an inexperienced person can do it. So don’t hesitate and try it

Tool you will do it Need

A socket wrenchA screwdriverA collection of pliersA pair the glovesA huge plastic sheet

1. Look for a proper Area


Working with a speak mower have the right to be daunting because of their size. It is why we always recommend looking for a spacious and flat area wherein you can work comfortably.

Places like a driveway or garage are perfect because that working with a lawnmower. But you may also find a patio or comparable outdoor area to be ideal for the job.

In this area, you’re going to location the plastic sheet on the floor. That’s whereby you’re walking to work to prevent any spillage that gas or oil from damaging the floor.

2. Prepare the Mower

Now the you’ve uncovered the perfect place to job-related with your Troy Bilt talk mower, then that time to prepare it. This is what you have to do:

Start by turning the lawnmower off completely. The obvious, however it’s precious remembering.Then disconnect the spark plug wire and also remove the spark plug. This will protect against it from starting out that nowhere and possibly harming girlfriend or her house.Finish through checking the the oil dipstick is tightened up, so no oil leaks as soon as you’re working with the mower.

This is an essential step to begin working ~ above tightening the belt. Nothing dismiss any kind of of these aspects if you desire to tighten up her mower belt effortlessly.

3. Remove the Deck Cover

The very first step right into tightening the belt is to get access to wherein it is. For that, you’ll need to remove the cover. This is how:

Locate wherein the framework of the lawnmower is located. Then continue by loosening up the clamp bolts with the wrench.If a wrench no work, friend can additionally use pliers. This will assist you ease up the clamps an ext efficiently if castle small.Now remove the sheathe carefully. Be sure not to operate the metal part too forcefully together it may bend.

With free access come the belt, climate you have the right to proceed to look for the tightening system.

4. Remove the Blade


The retention bolt is what attaches the tongue to the machine. Here, girlfriend will have to remove it.

First, remove the screw that’s located next to the rear tire. This will offer you complimentary access to the blade.Now locate the retention bolt. It is usually in the center of the blade. Then grab the wrench and also unfasten the retention bolt as necessary.You deserve to now eliminate the blade freely.

This will give you almost complete accessibility to the belt.

5. Reveal the Belt

While the belt is on your sight, you will certainly still must exposure if you desire to tighten the up. Perform this:

Find the screws that organize the engine baffle to the deck. Unfasten and remove lock accordingly.You deserve to now remove the baffle (a circular component that associate the blade through the engine).This will provide you access to the screw the fastens the belt cover on the deck. You must remove it.Then proceed by locating the spring located in between the infection pulley and the belt cover. Eliminate this spring, and then girlfriend can get the covering out.

You now have complete access to the belt, and also you have the right to tighten that up as you want.

6.Adjust the Belt

You might see the belt now. The is rubber black and goes indigenous the engine come the journey wheels. It have the right to be together thick as 3/8 come 5/8 inches and usually look at tightened as much as the pulleys.

Here’s just how to adjust it:

You will need to manipulate the transmission and also the engine pulleys. Look for the cap screw in the middle of the pulley. Climate loosen it up.This will give you accessibility to the transaxle pulley, therefore you deserve to manipulate and change the belt length as needed.Your emphasis should be on shortening the length of the belt, so that tightens up on the pulleys.

By now, you’ve successfully tightened that up. Yet you’re no finished yet.

7. Reinstall Everything

You should reinstall every solitary piece you took off. We recommend reversing the stimulate of tightening the belt.

Start by put the belt cover whereby it have to be. Then location the engine baffle back. Screw the in tightly and also be certain it doesn’t autumn down.Then attach the tongue accordingly. Mental to put the retention bolt ago on its location so the blade attaches firmly.Finish by it is registered the deck covering again. Place the screws and/or bolts wherein they belong and also tighten lock up.

Here, her mower is practically ready to be tested.

8.Reconnect and also Test


Reconnect the cables and other components that you disconnected first. This is how:

Start by gaining the connecting the sp
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If did you do it tested the mower and also it functions without problems, climate you’ve successfully tightened increase its journey belt.