Learn how and when to harvest royal tree to make the many of your rhubarb spot this year.

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Watch as soon as to Harvest rhubarb & just how Much to Pick

Here’s a quick video to display you every little thing you have to know.

When to pick Rhubarb

PLEASE don’t wait for your rhubarb to turn “all red”. Color is no an clues of ripeness once it involves rhubarb – it is simply an indication of variety. All three types of rhubarb below are ripe – based on size no color.

as with you wouldn’t wait because that a Granny blacksmith apple to rotate red – don’t wait for her rhubarb to rotate red! Instead, depend on the size of the royal tree stalks.

Stalks must be around 7 customs (20 cm) lengthy or much longer when castle are all set to harvest.


Here in the Canadian prairies we can usually begin picking rhubarb late May, early on June.

How to pick Rhubarb


Slide hand down stalk and gently but firmly twist and also pull. Pulling is better than cutting, but if you must, cutting is okay too, it will just take a small longer to recover and also may leave the plant delicate at the reduced – but let’s challenge it, rhubarb is tough!

Once it’s all set to harvest, here’s what to do:

Start through the bigger stalks on the exterior of the plant and also work your means towards the centre. Leaving the smaller sized stalks for another day.Slide her hand to the bottom of the stalk and also pull. The stalk should come the end nice and easy.If you uncover you’re pulling the end roots or you can’t reach all the way, girlfriend can also cut the stalks as close to the ground together possible. Technically, pulling is preferred due to the fact that it allows the plant to recoup a little more quickly, yet cutting won’t death the plant, it’ll simply take longer to bounce back.Leave at the very least 1/3 the the stalks on the tree in spring time come ensure it continues to grow and also thrive throughout the summer.Trim the leaves and put lock in the compost. The leaves space toxic, so don’t chef or eat them. They room safe to include to her compost bin.Harvest whenever an ext stalks are ripe, constantly leaving at the very least 1/3 the the plant.In at an early stage July, offer the tree a possibility to get some toughness over the summer. Include a tiny compost around the roots and let that be. It’s it s okay to let that flower in ~ this suggest too.Rhubarb doesn’t favor the heat and also won’t thrive much throughout the summer. In a specifically hot, dried summer, friend won’t want to harvest much rhubarb in ~ all.In the fall, as points cool girlfriend may get some an ext stalks come harvest. Currently of year, be sure to leaving 2/3 the the stalks top top the tree so it have the right to store enough power to survive the winter. Carry out not harvest if her plant is young, tiny or has actually not filled the end after the warm summer months.If you just planted your rhubarb, that is finest to wait 2 come 3 years before harvesting any type of rhubarb. This will ensure the plant gets really well developed with a solid source network. The more stalks you cut at this time, the slower the plant will certainly grow and the much less hardy it will be in the lengthy run.

Watch just how to Harvest Rhubarb

Here’s a quick video clip showing friend how:

Concerned that your neighbour’s rhubarb tree is bigger 보다 yours? To gain a huge luscious rhubarb plant think about moisture, drainage, compost and also sun. These are the elements that will certainly make a rhubarb plant thrive.

For much more rhubarb information and also for my favorite rhubarb recipes examine out my royal tree eCookbook.

Here’s some pictures of rhubarb plants to assist you view the various stages.

Just coming the end of the ground. 




Growing. Sure you could grab a couple of stalks now, however if friend wait just a few more days, you’ll get enough for a pie or two!


Ready to harvest! that will begin to flower soon, best time to harvest is right now.


When harvesting, leave 1/3 of the stalks behind throughout spring time (2/3 that stalks in fall) so the plant can continue to grow and thrive. You’ll have a couple of more stalks now and then.


Of course, if you have actually too lot rhubarb, don’t prefer rhubarb or understand of anyone who isn’t picking your rhubarb – speak to a friend, neighbour or a fruit rescuing company like Fruit Share. They have volunteers passionate to pick your royal tree and share that with regional food charities or community organizations.

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For more great rhubarb and also other fruit recipes and preserving ideas, pick up a copy the the rhubarb eCookbook! Or check out several of these recipes:

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 What will you make through your rhubarb as well as pie, cobbler and also crisp?

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