It wake up to the ideal of us. Friend misplace your weed and also it disappears. It’s a sad story — till you discover your supply months or years later simply when you require it most. However wait, is this pot still good? deserve to weed go bad? Is stale weed even a thing? Here’s everything you must know. (Even though us both know you’re just going come smoke that anyway).

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Can Weed go Bad?

The great news is, weed doesn’t yes, really “go bad.” Its chemistry makeup just changes. Marijuana is a plant, just like the veggies and also herbs in your kitchen. Cells break down, molecule oxidize. Just as the dried oregano in your spice rack becomes less flavorful, weed becomes less potent over time. Old weed most likely won’t death you, yet it also won’t acquire you all that high.

How to store Weed

The best way to avoid this concern in the very first place is to save your weed properly. Glass or ceramic containers space your ideal bet. You desire to make sure the container is airtight, and also won’t transfer smells or flavors onto your precious weed. Store your pot in a dark, cool refuge that’s not her refrigerator or freezer — as well cold settings can suck the sweet, sweet moisture out of those leaves.

Fresh weed is full of the cannabinoids CBD, CBC, and also THC, however sit your weed down for a bit in ultraviolet light (i.e., sunlight), and your THC will break down into CBN, a cannabinoid the is way less potent and also much an ext disappointing. Basically: store your weed in a still, dark, cool environment, and you’re guaranteed the ideal flavor.


But stop say you no get approximately to storing your weed favor you have to have, and now you’re stuck with a Ziploc bag of an enig marijuana that may or might not it is in good. Here’s a comfortable checklist to operation through prior to you smoke.

Does weed walk bad? Appearance

If her recently discovered stash no look much like weed anymore — just some dried-out powdery leaves — it’s more than likely not going to it is in all the enjoyable come smoke. If friend spot a fuzzy white powder cultivation on it, your weed is moldy and also you certainly shouldn’t smoke it, unless you desire to danger heart and lung problems. Mold spores like moist areas without a most airflow, i beg your pardon can take place if you keep your weed where it’s too moist.

Does weed go bad? Sound

When you traction apart her re-discovered weed in her hands, you have to hear snaps, not crackles, which have the right to mean her weed is as well dry. If your weed is silent, it has a most moisture, and also you must be ~ above the lookout because that mold.

Does weed go bad? Smell

If your old stash smells musty, or like urine or a locker room, mold is probably the culprit. Chemistry or plastic scents are a an outcome of negative storage or pesticide contamination. Old weed can not smell as strong as the job you stuck it somewhere and forgot around it, however it do not do it have any kind of off smells. Weed should smell favor weed.

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Does weed walk bad? Taste

If the looks like your old stash is totally free of mold, and also you decision to light part up, you’ll understand pretty easily if it’s really gone bad just by the taste. It must still taste choose weed, without off flavors.

Smoking poor quality weed won’t hurt girlfriend (with the exemption of mold) — it simply won’t be quite as enjoyable as the new stuff. You more than likely won’t gain as high many thanks to a lower THC content, however that’s around it. Gain your re-discovered stash!