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I simply bought an 07 v 162k miles on it. I understand it alot yet the mechanic is in a very an excellent condition and also only 1 owner prior to me. The trouble is i dont know if the timing belt has actually been changed. Carfax doesnt states anything around that. It has the sepentine belt, tranny flush, brake pad etc. Readjusted at dealer as soon as it was 70k or for this reason (of course not timing belt). After the nothing just new registration every year. My inquiry is how do i know if the timing belt has been readjusted or have to i just go ahead and have that change?

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If you"re not sure it has actually been changed. Ns would imply to have actually it adjusted just to it is in on the safe side.
Absolutely readjust it if you cannot verify it, however go come a Honda dealer and also they should have the ability to pull all business records for occupational performed at any type of dealer. An additional thing to examine is spring under the hood because that a sticker that most independent shops affix what indicating the date and also mileage or also a note made in sharpie.
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I guest if the vault owner adjusted it at dealer then I have to see it in carfax but this instance the vault owner either adjusted it in ~ a little local shop or hasn"t readjusted it. By the way should I adjust it in ~ the dealer or neighborhood shop to conserve money? how much does it usually price (I"m at Oklahoma).Here is the carfax that the car: CARFAX Vehicle background Report because that this 2007 HONDA ODYSSEY EXLThank girlfriend guys.

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With CarFax if they had record of the that would certainly be sufficient evidence it had been excellent IMO, however the turning back is no true. Just due to the fact that it walk not display up top top CarFax way nothing. The repair shops that opt to have services castle performed pay to have actually that info on CarFax. Why would they carry out that? that is a selling feature to your customers that if they obtain their company done there it will certainly be reported and therefore add value at resale time. For this reason just because CarFax has actually no document of it method nothing various other than if it to be done the was no done in ~ a shop the reports come CarFax, naught more. In 161K miles over there are only 3 service records, only among those describe an oil change, reported to CarFax. Perform you think the van only had actually one oil readjust in 161K miles? The just conclusion one can pertained to from that is the owner serviced it countless times in ~ a non-reporting shop.As for cost, plenty of on this board are reporting dealer prices of $1200+ for the TB service including the water pump and tensioner. When some here argue against doing the water pump in ~ 105K selecting instead to carry out it at 210K, in your situation I would certainly absolutely perform it and also the tensioner. If you execute that you should be great to go till 270K, if the threat of a water pump or tensioner failure well prior to that is high. The is assuming the none of these items has actually been changed before, i beg your pardon of course is the just thing you deserve to assume uneven you uncover some proof otherwise. And also what room the possibilities that girlfriend will shot to drive it past 270K? however if it has not been done by now that TB is a ticking time bomb.
30 year career of car sales and related sector - component Time Detailer2007 EX-L NAV RES Slate environment-friendly Metallic - purchased might 2013 v 113K currently 200K+2006 EX-L Slate environment-friendly Metallic - Purchased new Dec 2005, totaled may 2013 at 166K