They were last energetic 4 hrs ago, I have the right to see when they are online and also I deserve to see your profile picture.

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But I have a feeling they have actually blocked me as they have actually not answered my message.

How would certainly I know if I have actually been blocked?


Andre for directly
responded on July 2, 2018
regrettably no, do you have actually a trusted friend you can ask come check?Also, Skype should not it is in a primary an approach communication. Girlfriend should have an yes, really mobile number or landline number friend can contact the contact on.
ideal regards,Andre Da CostaIndependent Advisor because that Directly
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replied on July 24, 2018

How execute I know if someone has blocked me ~ above Skype?

They to be last active 4 hours ago, I deserve to see as soon as they are online and I can see your profile picture.

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But I have a feeling they have actually blocked me together they have actually not answered mine message.

How would I recognize if I have actually been blocked?


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