Fresh locally grown plums are easily accessible only because that a couple of months every year. And when they’re in season, they’re cheap, therefore it’s tempting to go overboard when buying.

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But prior to you take benefit of those prices, make certain you understand all the basics around storage, shelf life, and spoilage the plums. If you need a fast brush increase on those, you’re in the appropriate place, as this short article covers specifically those topics.

Let’s dive in.

Plums in hand

How come Tell If a Plum Is Ripe

Before us talk about storage, you require to know if the plums you have actually are totally ripened, or not. There space two factors you have to take into account when checking your plums because that ripeness. This are:

All in all, a ripe plum is one that has actually its characteristic color, smells choose a plum, and is contempt tender.

Two kinds of plums

How To save Plums

Now that you know how to tell if your plums are ripe or no storing lock is rather easy.

Unripe plums should sit in ~ room temperature until ripe (CACFP). Leaving them top top the countertop (not in straight sunlight, though) or in the pantry and let lock ripen. One or double a day, give them a quick examine on whether or not they’re prepared to yet.


If you want to speed up the ripening process, placed the plums in a document bag. That will certainly trap the ethylene the they produce, and make the fruits ripen faster.

Opened plums
Once the plums room ripe, you should transfer them into the refrigerator (CACFP, FK).

Keeping lock in a plastic bag in the create drawer is a popular solution, but the most crucial thing is come keep them away from any kind of smelly food products.

Opened plum closeup

How lengthy Do Plums Last

Unripe plums normally take 1 – 2 days come ripen (FK), however if yours are still super for sure after those 2 days, offer them a bit more time. If you must speed increase the ripening process, there’s a reminder for that in the storage section.

Once the plums space ripe, castle keep high quality for about 3 come 5 days (CACFP, FK) in the fridge. If you’re lucky, they deserve to probably last for as much as a mainly in an excellent quality.

If you leave ripe plums at room temperature, castle deteriorate much faster and turn soft in ~ a pair of days.

Unripe plumsUntil ripe (usually 2 – 3 days)
Ripe plums2 – 3 days3 – 5 days

As usual, you re welcome remember the these durations are only estimates.

Old plum starting to soften

How to Tell If Plums are Bad?

When checking plums for spoilage, make sure you:

Look for any kind of visual signs of deterioration. Those encompass mold (especially near the stem) and shriveled skin. The last doesn’t median the fruit is spoiled every se, however that it’s old and also most most likely won’t taste almost everywhere like a delicious new plum.Check the firmness the the fruit. If the plums room super soft, or even oozing juice, it’s time for them come go.Check because that worms or larvae inside. make sure always to halve the plum and remove the pit prior to eating. This way, you make certain the insides are totally free of any type of insects. Eat the whole thing and spitting out the pit is never a good idea once it comes to plums.

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