Aging and sexing white-tailed deer are two skills that are fairly easy to understand as castle are characterized in this project. There space really only two things to remember: 1) If it has actually spots, it is a juvenile and also 2) if it has actually antlers the is a male. 

What provides this an overwhelming is the these are not just how age and also sex are identified outsdrta.netde the the program. For example, have a look in ~ the picture below: 


The deer ~ above the ideal is obviously smaller than the one top top the left and shows the much shorter snout that is common of fawns, but sdrta.netnce this record took ar in November, there space no point out on the fawn, so the is no longer reliably identifiable as a youth deer. Sure, in this photo it is pretty obvious but the won"t it is in the situation in every photos. For this reason we deliberately limit the meaning to one easy and also reliable characteristic and limit any type of analysdrta.nets the age-ratios in white-tailed deer records to the months of the year once spots are visdrta.netble. 

As because that sexing deer ~ above the hoof, we are usdrta.netng the visibility of antlers together our only criteria because that the same reason we provided spots to calculation age: reliability. And just as deer periods can sometimes be figured out without spots, gender can periodically be figured out without antlers. What is the sex of the deer caught below?


If you provided the an interpretation provided in ~ the start of this course, you stated this deer is a female. If you provided your expertise of deer biology and also saw the pedicels (where antlers grow) ~ above this deer"s head, linked with the April capture date, friend may have said male. If you to be confused and just scrolled down right here to check out what the ideal answer was, friend are more than likely not alone. The correct answer is "female" since our an interpretation is antlers = male and also there room no antlers present. Even though it is really obvious in this catch that we have a deer the will thrive antlers, that will not it is in true of plenty of (most?) that the captures of this individual till those antlers begin to show. Imagine this very same deer, 50 feet native the camera at night. Those pedicels will certainly not reliably it is in seen. Any sex-ratio analysdrta.nets done v white-tailed deer will be minimal to records made when antlers room present. 

Juvenile deer are never ever assdrta.netgned a sex sdrta.netnce antlers execute not grow on young deer. 

There is one much more potential resource of error that we have actually when sexing deer. When I have actually never heard the a white-tailed deer gift born there is no spots, over there are situations of mrs deer growing antlers. But that incidence is much less than one in 10,000 individuals.

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The is much too low to have a statistical influence on our research. If you do suspect you have actually captured an image of an antlered doe, you re welcome let us know!

Ready to take it a quiz? Let"s see how well you perform determining the age, sex and number of deer in part Finger Lakes camera catch captures.