Between every the mining and crafting, Minecraft leaves a many time & space for football player to discover the world and tame your own animal companions.

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between all the mining and also crafting, Minecraft leaves a most time & an are for players to discover the world and also get to know its assorted hostile and also passive creatures. Amongst these mobs space the game"s mobs which can be domesticated to act as mounts, protectors or simply as pets.

However, taming a crowd is no an easy task. More often than not, players will need the appropriate items and also a pinch of happy to success over an animal"s trust. Part mobs are likewise incredibly tough to find, make them fairly a rarity. Here"s just how to tame the best mobs in the game.

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Updated ~ above July 5th, 2021 through Anastasia Maillot: This year is a an extremely exciting one for Minecraft fans due to the fact that of a enormous two-part update that introduces enormous terrain generation transforms for the game. To update of this kind haven"t occurred to this scale for a lengthy time, i m sorry is why it"s worth waiting for the Caves and Cliffs full update.

For now, however, football player will need to be satisfied through the an initial half the Caves and Cliffs, which presented a couple of brand-new mobs. One of them, in particular, carried in some new gameplay mechanics and features and can be trained to a degree. Here"s what you should know around the brand-new Axolotl mob.

11 Axolotls

alpha develop 1.1.1 preservation
Biome: any dark s or human body of water Food: Bucket that Tropical Fish Axolotls were included into the video game as a means to spread out awareness over this nearly extinct species of water-loving lizards. Axolotls spawn in dark waters, and although they have the right to survive on land for some time, they definitely prefer the depth of oceans and any huge bodies of water.

Axolotls room predators. They"ll attack any other ocean-dwelling mob except for dolphins. They"re an extremely useful allies against Guardians and also Elder Guardians inside s monuments and also can it is in led utilizing a command made from string and slime balls. They can likewise be bred with a bucket the tropical fish, but axolotls can"t fully be tamed in Minecraft. Simply beware: axolotls deserve to be slain through pufferfish.

10 Horses

Biome: Plains Food: Golden Carrots, gold Apples, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale The bread and butter of tamed animals is absolutely the horse. What set this one personally from others is the incredible take trip time it brings along, detailed the player picks out the fastest equine of the bunch. Head over to a surrounding plains biome, as those have tendency to it is in the best locations to find horses.

horses differ from donkeys and also mules in the they can"t actually carry items. They"re supplied purely for travel, and traveling an excellent distances is a critical part the gameplay. To tame a equine in Minecraft, right-click on it with an empty hand to mountain it until hearts appear above its head. Do this until the horse stops kicking.

9 Ocelot

Biome: Jungle Food: raw Salmon, life Cod The ocelot is one of the hardest animals to tame in the game, mainly due to the fact that it"s such a rarely one to uncover in the wilds. In order come come throughout one the player an initial needs to find a jungle biome, i m sorry is the best spawn ar for this elusive feline friends.

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In order to tame an ocelot in Minecraft get some raw salmon or life cod and also approach them progressively while stop the fish in your hand. Feeding as lot fish as necessary to the ocelot, till tiny understanding appear over its head.

8 Wolf

Biome: woodland (all variants) Food: Bone, meats (all variants) wolf are more than likely the most usual mob, and also therefore straightforward one come tame for players. Every sorts of forests will usually have actually a fill of them hike around, although colder forest biomes have actually a greater rate that spawning because that wolves in general.

Wolves have the right to be tamed using a bone. Even if wolves deserve to be fed meat while tho feral, they won"t in reality be domesticated this way. In order to tame a wolf in Minecraft, feed a wolf bones till tiny hearts appear over its head, which will prompt its challenge to change. A collar will likewise appear, which have the right to be dyed any kind of of the colors accessible in the game.

7 Skeleton Horse

Biome: Any Food: can not be bred or fed desire to it is in the talk of the server and also the envy of all other Minecraft players? In that case, boasting a Skeleton steed is the best way to go. This mount is no doubt the coolest-looking one in the game, simply due to the fact that of its sheer, bony appearance.

these creatures only spawn throughout thunderstorms and also are typically accompanied through skeletons, which must be first killed prior to the horse have the right to be tamed. After their previous owners are dealt with, right click on the skeleton equine with an empty hand and hop on its earlier several times until tiny understanding appear above its head.

6 Parrot

Biome: Jungle Food: Wheat Seeds Players who come across a jungle biome in their people are specifically lucky, not only because of ocelots but likewise because that parrots. These small birds have actually the ability to mimic other mobs, which can be a dreadful experience, but additionally incredibly cool.

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Parrots come in a selection of colors, and also they have the right to be trained with consistent seeds. To tame a parrot in Minecraft host a seed in the right hand and also right-click on a parrot till tiny mind appear over its head. The parrot will most likely land on the player"s shoulder as well when tamed, which provides for a cool effect.

5 Fox

Biome: Taiga and also its variants Food: Sweet Berries, light Berries Foxes are super unique mobs because of their capability to lug items in their mouths. They additionally curl as much as sleep and can move easily through sweet berry bushes. However, lock sprint fairly fast and are exclusive come cold forest biomes prefer taigas, making lock a an overwhelming mob to catch and tame.

Adult two foxes cannot be domesticated in Minecraft, however they deserve to be bred making use of sweet berries. The baby fox developed will then to trust the player, and also a lead must be used to pull it away from that is parents and also to stop it from following them rather than the player themselves. The difficulty here is actually capturing two adult foxes.

4 Mule

Biome: Plains Food: golden Carrot, golden Apple, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale Those wondering what the difference in between a mule and also a donkey is, this crowd is basically the result of a donkey and horse gift bred. They"re a tricky lot to have due not being able to each other with various other mules, however they still do for an excellent carriers and decent mounts.

Mules can be differentiated by their generally brown coloring in the wild, which to adjust them except donkeys. With an empty hand, right-click ~ above the mule to obtain on its ago to tame it. in ~ first, it will certainly kick the player turn off multiple times, yet continue act this and eventually it should have a tiny heart icon above its head to show it"s tamed.

3 Donkey

Biome: Plains Food: golden Carrot, gold Apple, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale Donkeys space not an excellent mounts since they all have the same movement speed when ridden, however they are an excellent for save items and also being pulled through a lead. In the wild, they"re likewise easy come recognize and also much like mules and also horses will often tend to spawn in plains biomes.

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In order come tame a cheat Minecraft, right-click top top it v an empty hand to mountain it.

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keep doing this until it no longer kicks, and also tiny hearts appear over its head.

2 Llama

Biome: Savanna, Mountains Food: Wheat, Hay Bale Llamas are probably the worst mount in the game, yet what they are really beneficial for is storage. Not just that, plenty of players prefer to use different colored carpets on their llamas in bespeak to color code your storage in basic way. To uncover them, head end to a savanna or mountain biome.

Llamas should be taken on with care, as result of their capacity to strike the player by spitting top top them. To tame a llama, right-click them v an empty hand and also mount them until they no much longer kick and also tiny heart symbols appear. Keep in mind, again, that llamas deserve to only it is in lead and used because that storage, and also riding castle is impossible.

1 Cat (Village Stray Variant)

Biome: any type of biome where a village can spawn Food: raw Cod, life Salmon return ocelots space the original means of acquiring a cat in the game, stray cats are an simpler and more interesting method to gain a an excellent variety of various cats easily. Head over to any nearby village, together those space hotspots because that stray cat to hover around.

Stray cat will constantly be fear of players and also quickly run away. However, if approached through raw cod or salmon in hand, they will slowly gain closer come the player. Feed the cat raw cod or salmon enough times to tame it till hearts appear over its head.