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by Andy Zito snow Domes

Dec 12, 2014

One the the many discouraging aspects of eye dome and also snow globe collection is once you need to restore or replenish your snow globe or snow dome.

Here below is the very first of many write-ups coming ~ above Repair and also Restoration Tricks and also Instructions:

MODERN RESIN and also SCULPTED eye GLOBES restoration OR REPAIR. problem - damaged globe, short water, dirty or stained water. These space glued in with really tough contact cement.



Always safeguard your eyes and skin when working with any kind of glass, glues or solvents and keep any type of flammable glues or solvent ventilated and away from heat. Cover eyes through protective plastic glasses once needed.


1. Shot and move the glass globe ago and forth. If it moves it will eventually come loosened from the base. Remove it fully from the base. Eliminate the inner seal with scenic attached indigenous the glass globe(remove very closely to keep them enclosed together. Replenish the water with new distilled water and refresh and place any and also all recovered snow earlier into the new water within the glass globe. You may need to acquisition a corresponding glass globe and seal kind National arts Craft, or snowdomes.com. ( web links below) if the glass crack or is damaged while removing it

so remove slowly and also carefully.

2. If the glass globe will not move:

Protect your eyes with large plastic glasses. Rest the glass globe over a catch basin or key to have the ability to recover the eye that might escape. Remove all of the glass pieces and also discard, eliminate the 3 dimensional structure or 3D

scenic piece along with the environment-friendly inner seal the it is fastened to. Again use care to keep them attached. Carry out not separate them. Set aside the inner scenic v seal attached. Recover, replenish the snow and place into the old cleaned increase glass world or new matching instead of globe.


Fill up the new replacement globe with distilled water leaving about 1" come 1 1/2" in ~ the optimal for the seal to go ago into its seating area. Re-insert the 3D scenic inside it. All this is done v the globe upside down. Its finest to have actually the upside down globe sit top top a sturdy plastic bowl while act this.

The eco-friendly seal v scenic attached is rubber and also pliable therefore if over there is too much water because that it all to go ago in - shot and ply the seal far from the glass with an X-Acto knife to release just sufficient water to permit it to go fully in place and also not leave any air feet or very small air hole.


You must then remove the old call cement indigenous the inside cavity of the resin base. As soon as removed, squeeze clean aquarium silicone sealant inside the base cavity leaving part room because that the seal and also 3D scenic to go back in. Turn the globe and also seal earlier upright - place the scenic v seal ago into the cavity until the glass is close come the base again as once new. Place the glass left or best to it is in in frontal position and also let sit for a couple of days to set.


If the scenic piece had actually come loose or comes loose from the green seal - re-glue the inside number or framework to a the old seal if still good or to new green seal i m sorry comes through the instead of glass world (Available from nationwide Art Craft), v modelers adhesive - make straight and also upright and also let dry fully. Update the water v distilled water, location the seal with figure of panel inside to heat up through the appropriate original placement (lined up in front of the lettering or such).

Replace globe and seal using aquarium sealant.


Replacement globes. 1. Gain from old corresponding globes of tiny value. 2. Buy equivalent globes from national Art Craft: http://www.nationalartcraft.com/subcategory.asp?gid=6&cid=37&am...

OR from:

from snowdomes.com (Also instead of snow): http://www.snowdomes.com/snow_globes/category/Kits


Clear Silicone Sealant: many hardware shop or: http://www.homedepot.com/p/DAP-2-8-oz-Silicone-Aquarium-Sealant-006...

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Other advantageous tools:

X-ACTO knife Screw driver Needle nose pliers

Rubber Cement thinner to eliminate old sign or residue Plastic polishing (NOVUS Plastic polish or WD-40) cleans plastic domes

Again.... Constantly protect your eyes and also skin as soon as working with any glass, glues or solvents and also keep any flammable glues or solvent ventilated and away from heat. Cover eyes v protective plastic glasses once needed.