Blinking lights on the “Rock Band” guitar controller shows it is having an concern connecting the console. This problem can be resolved by re-syncing the controller and guitar together. The actions for law this are virtually identical for the playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 versions. The only distinction is the location of the "Sync" button for the console. The blinking lamp can also be a warning of low batteries, which can be solved by instead of the batteries.

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Things You"ll Need:

screwdriver (Playstation 3 Version) 3 Aa batteries “Rock Band” Wireless Dongle (Playstation 3 and also Wii version Only)

Plug the “Rock Band” wireless dongle right into the USB harbor on the console. This step demands to be performed top top the playstation 3 and Wii execution only. The Xbox 360 variation does not use a wireless dongle.

Press the console "Sync" button. This is the small, circle switch located next to the disc journey on the Xbox 360. The "Sync" button for the playstations 3 and also Wii execution is the tiny button top top the wireless dongle.

Press the guitar "Sync" switch on the “Rock Band” controller. This is the tiny white switch located near the whammy bar top top the former of the guitar. The lights on the guitar avoid flashing after ~ a couple of seconds to show the guitar and console are correctly synced.

Remove the battery compartment hatch. It is located on the back of the etc controller alongside the power switch. The playstation 3 version has a screw that requirements to be gotten rid of first.

Replace the batteries with three brand-new AA batteries. Replace the battery compartment flower onto the guitar.

Switch the strength switch come the “On” position. Push the switch with the lights to revolve the guitar on. If the issue was low battery life, the lights should no longer blink.


The “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” etc controllers top top the game stations 3 and also Wii version use similar wireless dongles. These are not interchangeable. The “Rock Band” guitar can connect to the console through the “Rock Band” wireless dongle only. The is possible for players to be can not to affix to the console since they coincidentally swapped the 2 wireless dongles. This is no an concern for the Xbox 360 version, because the etc is maybe to attach directly come the console.

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