In other to effectively separate salt from sugar, you should have simple chemistry understanding at least. That is very important the you are additionally familiar with several of the required items for the process. What this compose up will certainly teach girlfriend is exactly how you can effectively do that in three straightforward steps.

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Part 1: The beginning

Step 1 acquire pure alcohol. That is really important you need to be careful with this together it have the right to be extremely inflammable. An example of pure undiluted alcohol is ethanol.

Step 2 If the sugar and also salt room together inside water, you will have to look for a way to remove the water. You deserve to do this through making usage of vapor bathe to obtain the water evaporated.

Step 3 you will should look because that a an excellent heat source. You can exploit Bunsen burner. There space other choices but this one have the right to serve you best.

Part 2: having the salt separated

Step 1 usage a cup to measure the salt and sugar. Please keep in mind that this need to be in their dry mixture after the water has been removed through evaporation.

Step 2 now pour part ethanol top top the mixture. Keep in mind that the an ext mixture of salt and also sugar the you have actually the an ext ethanol quantity that will be required. The sugar has to get dissolved without going with a process of saturation and the only means this can happen is that there needs to be sufficient ethanol.

The finest thing to execute is that if her mixture seems to be much in terms of quantity, you will have to do the in different sections. Don’t do all at once in other to stop a case of fire accident.

Step 3 have the solution shuffled or stirred to permit the sugar resolved down. If you mix it appropriately then the salt will be in ~ the beaker’s bottom.

Step 4 gain a sieve and also have a filter put on it

Step 5 currently you will require to have your alcohol solution poured ~ above the beaker; however, this time with your strainer or sieve.


Make certain that the strainer is able come cover every the salt.

Part 3: having the street heated

Step 1 get a pot and also then put water in it up to maybe half. After ~ that, ar your container in the pan or pot the you have provided.

Step 2 have actually the sugar and ethanol placed on the container the is on the steaming room’s top.

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Step 3 continue heating gradually until you space sure the evaporation has actually taken place. That is all the alcohol has actually gone out and also you have successfully separated salt from sugar.

Hope student learned from this science experiment on how to different Salt from sugar - for 4th, 5th and 6th grades