Doing an easy science experiments is a an excellent way to get students excited and also interested in brand-new topics. There space so plenty of quick and easy experiment to do with revolution electricity, yet using a plastic spoon to separate salt and also pepper is among the best. It’s among our many magical and also surprising kitchen science experiments yet!


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Getting Ready

This science experiment is so basic and easy to collection up. We currently had all the supplies available in the kitchen! This is what we gathered:

1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon pepperPlastic spoonDish clothPrintable Magic Spoon worksheet (available below)

We carefully sprinkled a small pile the salt and also pepper ~ above a black item of document so we might see it well. Through that one simple step us were prepared to go!


Separate Salt and also Pepper making use of Static Electricity

I request the youngsters if there was a means we can separate salt and also pepper again. They had some very creative and fancy ideas, yet ultimately lock couldn’t think of a simple means to perform it.

I provided them a note by reminding castle of as soon as we used a balloon to do tissue file cupids fly. Aha! The light pear turned on. Static electrical energy was the answer!

We rubbed the plastic spoon ~ above the dish cloth for about 10 seconds and then held the rounded end up come our salt and also pepper mixture. As if through magic, a couple of particles jumped native the document up to the spoon! The children were delighted.

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We experimented through our magic spoon through rubbing it in different directions against the cloth and also holding the at different angles end the salt and also pepper mixture. We found that both salt and pepper space attracted to the revolution spoon, yet pepper is lighter. This provides it jump first and cling much longer to the spoon.

The youngsters recorded your observations and findings on their worksheet and then wanted to experiment some more to different salt and pepper. It was awesome!

Free Magic Spoon Printable

Be certain to click listed below to download a cost-free printable worksheet come go in addition to this scientific research experiment!