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I am puzzled with what preposition come use: zu, in, bei. I would certainly make this sentence choose this:

Ich gehe heute zur Schule.



I’m not certain what you trying come say in your English sentence: In English, a child that decides to walk to college would speak “I’ll go to school today”. In sdrta.net, you’d say Ich gehe heute zur Schule (or „Heute gehe ich zur Schule“, „Ich gehe heute in die Schule“ or „Heute gehe ich in dice Schule“ respectively).

Adding “the” provides it sound favor the human being is no a college student of the school, yet someone who has actually other company there. In the case, you can say Ich gehe heute zu der Schule (um irgendetwas zu erledigen).

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answered Sep 29 \"15 at 7:42

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Your english sentence is in future tense, however your sdrta.net translation is in present tense. It need to be in the same tense.

But friend asked because that prepositions, and the answer counts on i m sorry variation that sdrta.net you want to speak.

In sdrta.net sdrta.net, and as much as ns know additionally in Swiss sdrta.net, girlfriend say:

Ich werde heute zur Schule gehen.

But in Austrian sdrta.net girlfriend say:

Ich werde heute in dice Schule gehen.

The difference originates from what words »Schule« can mean: In sdrta.nety (and Switzerland, if ns am right), people obviously mainly think of the institution once they hear words »Schule«. But in Austria people at an initial think that the building. Of food in truth it is both, institution and also building.

There is a joke the is based on this difference:

In Deutschland gehen dice Kinder zur Schule. In Österreich gehen sie auch hinein. In sdrta.nety youngsters go come the school. In Austria they additionally enter it.

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sdrta.net is additionally official language of the european Union, however de jure the EU doesn\"t prefer among there variation. De facto sdrta.net sdrta.net is used, because 6 that 7 sdrta.net indigenous speakers speak sdrta.net sdrta.net.