Signs for common names?

My name is John, which, as you have the right to guess, is a pretty typical name. The advantage of having actually a usual name cultivation up is that whenever I went into a gift shop that had actually items through names top top them, such together cups, buttons, belts, or what-have-you, ns could constantly find one with my surname on it. In authorize langage, unlike the items in the gift shop, there is no authorize for John. That is, over there is no particular sign that can be offered for everyone who has the name man (or any kind of other name).

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Spelling out the name v fingerspelling

Since over there is no common sign because that a name, when refering to a person by name, you frequently just fingerspell it.


You can learn more about fingerspelling and also the signed alphabet in the "Fingerspelling/Alphabet" ar of the site. You can additionally have any type of name (or something else) fingerspelled on Signing Savvy. Just type the surname to it is in fingerspelled in the search box and click the "Find Signs" button.


Since over there is likely not walk to be a authorize for the name, the site will educate you that it was no able to discover a sign, but you deserve to have it fingerspelled. In this case, i clicked the "Have man fingerspelled?" link.


The resulting video shows the fingerspelling of my name.


If you are trying to find a name the has an additional English meaning, such together "AUTUMN", friend will check out the authorize for the non-name meaning. In this case, you desire the fingerspelled version of fall not the authorize for the season of the year. To watch the fingerspelled version, just click the "FS" button to the ideal of the word to switch to the fingerspelled version.


Sign names

Fingerspelling her name can seem a little impersonal, especially amongst friends. So, members that the Deaf ar often give each other sign names. Your authorize name is often related to something about you (a characteristic). Because that example, if you have curly hair, your sign name may be a combination of the an initial letter of your name and the authorize for curly hair. Culturally, the is not suitable to choose your very own sign name and also only Deaf civilization assign sign names. As soon as you very first use a authorize name in a conversation, you would certainly fingerspell the name and then show the sign name. Once the world know that you space talking about, the sign name provides it easier and an ext personal to refer to the person during the conversation.

Pointing in space

When you space signing straight to someone, you frequently just sign YOU (point at him or her) to refer to the human being you room talking with and ME (point at yourself) to describe yourself. When you room talking around someone else who is not there, you have the right to use a similar technique, referred to as pointing in space. In this case, girlfriend would determine the human being by fingerspelling their name (or relenten them, together a "my father"), and then pointing in ~ a place in space (usually to the left or right of you.) The an initial point marks the room that to represent the person you named. Afterwhich, as soon as refering to the person in the conversation, you have the right to just allude to the place you marked. This is another large time saver as soon as refering to someone countless times throughout a conversation.




Yes, give thanks to YOU!!!

FuzzyBSTuesday, might 26, 2009

I 2nd that explain of gratitude. is a FABULOUS web resource and is one incredibly valuable contribution to the an international resource of the Internet. Kudos! I likewise must say that your videos are really great, also at the conventional size. It"s very easy to view the essential subtleties in her videos, an especially because that your choice for a white background and darker clothing (and that goes good with the website design). Also, john is an extremely easy come look at together well, so I constantly enjoy my access time to this site. Keep up the great work, and also many thanks on behalf of hearing persons prefer myself, particularly for the insights such as this blog posting...I didn"t understand that friend weren"t claimed to make your own personal name sign! thanks for conserving me from a potential faux pas. (c: Also, pointing in space makes such noticeable sense...sign is for this reason much an ext logical than suitable English.

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Savvy User CHRISSANDRAFriday, June 5, 2009

I"m so glad i joined every one of our pre schoolers have the right to now authorize "jesus loves me"

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Personal use names

Savvy User RichardWednesday, august 5, 2015

If I recognize the write-up correctly, name indicators are used among people who recognize eachother. If I'm provided a name authorize by someone in ~ the "deaf community", the really means a little group to know me by that nickname. As soon as I meet brand-new people, I resort to finger-spelling my very own name till they get to know me. Is over there a generally welcomed practice whereby I deserve to inform a brand-new group of civilization of a surname I've been provided elsewhere?

Signing SavvyFriday, respectable 7, 2015

When you introduce yourself to new people, you will certainly fingerspelling her name an initial and climate tell them her sign-name. If they recognize the culture and process, they will know that that was a name provided to girlfriend by who from the hearing deactivated community. They might ask why a particular characteristic was offered or why girlfriend you were given that details sign name however you should be able to explain the to them.

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