My book on Arabic script has actually a small glossary in the back, yet it"s no help. It has word like "public official" yet not straightforward words favor "friend."

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Isn"t anyone that speaks Arabic online?

There space a lot of ways to speak to your parents. Ns my self speak to my dad= baba and also my mum=mama. But not as with that once i pronounce it ns dont stop in one a, ns go aaa lol if you know what i mean. That"s a way how world call thier parents in day-to-day life. Part other speak to thier dad= yuba and thier mum= yuma/omaaBut in books- it"s writen as " Aby "=Dad, " Omy "= MumSister= okhty , Brother= akhyand a friend, guy = sadigy/9adi"9y,girl= sadigaty/9adi"9aty

Ooh, say thanks to you for this reason much!
hmmm mom would it is in umm (Çã) together well.... Yet it"s more literally ns think.... And mel u know the numbers choose 3, 2, 7, "7, "3, 9, "9, 6, ""9 and so on ?
lol ok.... 3 is choose letter Ain Ú2 is like letter alif Ç"3 is prefer letter ghain Û7 is like letter Ha Í (the one choose spanish jota or hebre chet....)"7 is favor letter kha Îand 9 is favor letter Sad Õand "9 is favor letter dal Öand ""9 is prefer qaf Þhmmm and also though over there was some for jim/ga .... Possibly it to be "6.... Lol I"m not sure.... And usually every A"s there is no "3" before are alifs... Like once you want to create leish nat"arak - áÔ äÇÊÚÑß by making use of numbers, you need to write it together lish the next a ~ 3 is pronounced as ain... And 2 is the end of words is favor a full stop...haha lol sara knows these far better

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