If there is one nation in the people that seems to enjoy the most expanded Christmas ever, climate that would certainly be the Philippines. In fact, the locals usually turn the volume up as they happy hum to Mariah Carey’sAll I desire For Christmas Is Youas quickly as September (or the well known “-ber months” in the Philippine context) access time in. Come greet your Filipino colleagues through style, us have detailed here the peak Tagalog Christmas greetings that deserve to surely add sparkles come the Pinoy vacation spirit.

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The Philippines is finest known for its festive tradition of celebrating Christmas for four months. Yep, you read that right! it is like the last week of august is already around Christmas preparation and also decoration. Top top the very very first day of September, friend can also expect family members are beginning to affix brightly coloredparolor traditional Filipino star lanterns made of wood, plastic, metal, or evencapizshell. And also just prefer magic, girlfriend can likewise see shopping malls erecting gigantic Christmas tree with ornaments fashioned native the ideal native products from throughout the country.

But wait! that is no all!

As the days happen by, girlfriend will additionally see local barangays (directly translates to “neighborhoods” in English) and parks lighting up trees and also electrical posts with exceptional Christmas light ensembles and also star showers flickering come the to win of assorted Christmas songs. And as December approaches, you will have to acquire yourself accustomed to the almost-weekly fireworks display screen from Manila"s high website traffic areas. These fireworks usually signify the Catholic heritage of finishing the nine-day dedication masses calledsimbang gabi.


Puto-bumbong is a decadent rice treat that is only accessible during the Yuletide season.

What come Expect throughout Noche Buena

While we understand that the country hasamazing local dishes, Christmas food is ~ above a whole new level! through tradition, Filipinos wake up up at precisely 12 to welcome Christmas job by feasting through the family…and as soon as we to speak feast, we actually mean having actually a whole table filled v mouth-watering food prepared by the family members themselves.

If ever before you acquire invited for a Noche Buena, you deserve to expect the following dishes:

Dish Description
Queso de bola A large spherical shaped cheese the is not frequently consumed immediately
Christmas ham Smoky sweet pork loin i m sorry is typically the centerpiece of a household table
Pancit Malabon A flavourful noodle dish with selection of meat and also seafood toppings
Lechon Roasted suckling pig v savory stuffing
Filipino-style fried chicken Fried chicken marinated in lemon and also special Filipino spices
Menudo Filipino pork stew dish v pork, pork liver, potatoes, tomato sauce, and hotdogs
Paella Filipino layout rice food filled with meat, seafood, and also vegetables
Lumpiang Shanghai Special feather rolls with stuffing made of ground pork
Barbecue Charcoal-grilled savory pork bites in bamboo skewers
Embutido Pinoy layout meatloaf made v ground pork, hard-boiled eggs, sausages, and also ham
Sapin-sapin The layered glutinous cake is generally colored yellow, pink, and purple.
Bibingka Glutinous rice cake cook on a timeless clay pot
Biko A traditional Filipino sugar rice cake the is typically colored-brown

Did the make you hungry? while the Philippines might not have actually snow angel legacies or snow, in particular, that doesn’t mean that they carry out not know exactly how to storage Christmas favor a pro—and speak of ending up being like a pro, what far better way to present your friends part love than by greeting them in a language the is very close to your hearts? In the next component of this post, we will certainly share with you the easiest means on exactly how to greet in the Filipino language.

Top 5 easy Tagalog Christmas Greetings

Top 5 easy Tagalog Christmas Greetings

Contrary to common belief, over there is so much much more to learn about the Tagalog language next from saying mahal kita or magandang umaga. To make the season a one-of-a-kind one, be sure to memorize few of these basic greetings that you can simply bring out as you chat, speak, or personal converse v a Filipino.

Tagalog English
Maligayang pasko at manigong bagong taon Merry Christmas and also a prosperous brand-new year
Ngayong pasko, sana ay mapuno ka ng kapayapaan in ~ pagpapala This Christmas, may you it is in filled with peace and blessings
Ngayong Pasko, mapuno sana ang iyong tahanan ng pagmamahal at kasiyahan This Christmas, might your house be filled through love and also joy
Meri Krismas / merry Xmas An informal type of the traditional maligayang pasko
Maging maligaya sana ang iyong pasko May your Christmas be merry

Now the you recognize the basics, it is time to try it out and also sent the to her Filipino friend. If you took pleasure in this post, feel free to share it on society media to help spread words on just how to properly greet in Tagalog this Yuletide season.

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