Want come say 'if you would certainly like' in French? 'Si vous voulez.' never ever 'voudriez.'



In English, "I would like" is softer and much more polite 보다 "I want," and French has actually a comparable distinction. Instead that je veux (present), one says je voudrais (conditional). However there's a snag in this equation: English speakers desire to speak the polite "if friend like" or "if you would like," and also they often end up translating this into French as si vous voudriez.

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The mistake

But si vous voudriezwould it is in a mistake.In French, you can"t saysi vous voudriezto typical "if you would like," due to the fact that the Frenchconditional can never be supplied aftersi ("if").You can only saysi vous voulez. This goes because that the whole conditional conjugation:For instance, si je voudraisis wrong. However you have the right to saysi je veux. Andsi tu voudrais is not possible. But you deserve to saysi tu veux.

Memorize every human in the conditionalpresent that vouloir to recognize what to stop in polite explanation that incorporate a si clause:

Vouloir and Polite requests

The verb vouloir ("to want" or "to wish"), one of the most typical French verbs and one that the most useful irregular verbs, also beautifully expresses polite requestsin the conditional without a si clause present.

In general, the French conditional atmosphere is very comparable to the English conditional mood. It describes events that are not guarantee to occur; often they are dependent on details conditions. While the French conditional mood has actually a full collection of conjugations, the English indistinguishable is just the modal verb "would" to add a key verb.

The French conditional is mostly used inif...thensentencesto refer what would take place if a problem were met. The conditional is in the result (then) part of the clause, no the clause that followssi("if").

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