In this Hindi language lesson we talk about the different ways you have the right to ask ‘how space you?’ in Hindi. This great will additionally give you countless examples of just how to answer to this question. This can be super valuable to know especially if you planning a pilgrimage to India.

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How to Say ‘How are You?’ In Hindi – INFORMALHow come Say ‘How are You?’ In Hindi – FORMALHow to Respond to ‘How room You?’How to Ask ‘And You?’

How come Say ‘How space You?’ In Hindi – INFORMAL

These deserve to be supplied with household or friends.Kaise ho?Kya haal hai?Sab theek?
These usually mean something along the present of ‘how’s that going?’.All 3 of this are commonly used in Hindi – there are plenty more ways to say this, yet these space the many common.

How to Say ‘How space You?’ In Hindi – FORMAL

These can be supplied with human being you don’t recognize or senior people.Aap kaise hain? (to a masculine or group)Aap kaisi hain? (to a female)
These are formal ways to questioning someone how they are. The first is offered when speak to a male or a group, whilst the 2nd is offered when speak to a female. There is only a little difference in the second word therefore it’s not too lot to remember.

How come Respond come ‘How are You?’

There are countless different ways to reply to this question. Below are the most typical responses to this question and a malfunction of the sentence structure.I’m goodMain ah-cha hoonI’m fine/okayMain theek hoonI’m an extremely good/greatMain bahut ah-cha hoonI’m an extremely happyMain bahut khoosh hoonI’m sickMain beemaar hoonI’m bad/not goodMain bura hoonI’m tiredMain thak gayaa hoonI’m sadMain dukhee hoon
The very first thing to note here is the main sentence structure:
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