Hawaii is a place of enchantment. A quick background lesson—it ended up being an main state in the United says in just 1959 <1>. Yet long before that, it had actually been worked out and inhabited 1,500 years prior by Polynesians <2>.

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Today, Hawaii (made increase of 7 islands) is revered for its pristine beaches, distinctive food, and also tropical climate the has created a society that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. If Hawaii has captured your heart, climate Hawaiian dog names would certainly be fitting for your brand-new pet.

We’ve rounded up several of the most systematic Hawaiian dog names because that you to help honor the island’s society and language. Below are 36 great options.

Our favorite Hawaiian Dog Names


Here room 10 meaningful Hawaiian dog surname to think about when naming your puppy.

Uke: Short because that ukulele, is an instrument that is lovely in Hawaiian music. Return the ukulele was lugged to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants at the end of the 19th century (meaning it wasn’t designed there), the ukulele is synonymous with Hawaiian music and also festivals. If your dog loves music, consider this funny name.

Poi: Poi is one of the many popular and also frequently served dishes in Hawaii. It is make of pounded taro tree root and has a sweet and also starchy consistency. Poi additionally has a distinctive violet hue. If your pooch is sweet or you’re a fan of the color purple, this name can be a funny fit.

Macadamia: Macadamia nuts, although indigenous to Australia, were lugged to Hawaii in 1881 whereby they were cultivated and had remarkable success as an economic crop. Till 1997, the U.S., led through Hawaii, was the world’s biggest supplier that macadamia nuts and they room still incredibly popular on the islands today. If your pup is a small nutty, shot out this yummy name.

Lilo: The character Lilo Pelekai to be made famous in Disney’s 2002 movie Lilo & Stitch and succeeding franchise. In the film, Lilo is one orphaned 7-year-old Hawaiian girl who finds family with one alien, Stitch. She is rambunctious and cheerful (some may call her a troublemaker). If your pup has actually these features or if you’re a Disney fanatic, Lilo may be the perfect Hawaiian dog surname for her pet.

Hula: Hula is the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian Islands. That is a beautiful ancestral dance that communicates history, genealogy, and also prophecy. If your pup loves to dance or has actually some rhythm, this is the perfect name.

Lei: A lei, a garland or wreath, is classic in Hawaiian culture, and is renowned for being provided to new visitors. Leis are traditionally made out of flowers, bird feathers, shells, seeds, hair or ivory, and were typically used to signify rank amongst native Hawaiians, especially chiefs. If her pup has a dignified or royal personality, this could be a good fit.

Kona: Kona is located on the western side of the island the Hawaii, and also is famed for that is coffee. Kona coffee is grown on coffee ranches here in rich volcanic soil. If you’re a coffee lover, Kona might be a installation Hawaiian surname for her dog.

Honu: Honu, Hawaiian green sea turtles, room the gentle and endangered sea turtles indigenous to Hawaii. Castle were detailed under the U.S. Endangered varieties Act in 1978, wherein the varieties still remains. Castle are additionally considered aumakua (ancestral deities) to some Hawaiian families. If her pup loves the s or swimming, or if you’re a fan of turtles, Honu might be a sweet moniker.

‘Ōlelo: Pronounced ‘Oh-leh-lo,’ Olelo is the Hawaiian language, ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i, and also comes indigenous Hawaii’s ancestral Polynesia. The created language was introduced in the at an early stage 1800s, and is still spoken by aboriginal Hawaiians. According to NPR, it to be banned from college instruction in 1896, ~ the U.S. Federal government illegally overthrew the Hawaiian government. Now it is classified together a critically intimidated language by the joined Nations. If friend love language or her pup is extra chatty, this name would honor both.

Mālama: Mālama is a structure of Hawaiian culture that way “to care for our environment and for one another.” If your dog is a lover that nature, this name would be fitting.

Hawaiian Girl Dog Names


Here room eight Hawaiian names perfect for her female pup.

Lilikoi: Lilikoi is a tangy fruit that grows in Hawaii, and is additionally called a yellow passionfruit. That is very tart, however is a smell often found on the island in drinks and desserts. If your dog has actually quite the tangy personality, this might be a great option.

Nanu: Nanu means gardenia in the Hawaiian language. The gardenia is a indigenous flower to Hawaii, and also is recognized for that gorgeous white color and exquisite odor that has actually a hint of coconut oil. If your pup is a shade of white, this can be a good namesake.

Pele: Pele is the goddess of volcanic fire in the Hawaiian culture. She is said to have worked out at Kilauea, Hawaii’s most energetic volcano. She “is known to appear in various develops to people, consisting of a beautiful maiden.” If your dog has actually a fiery personality, this would certainly suit she well.

Poliahu: Poliahu is the goddess of eye in the Hawaiian culture. (Yes, over there is eye in Hawaii!) She lives atop the dormant volcano Maunakea, and is claimed to it is in a an extremely competitive athlete that, favor Pele, is well-known to take person form. If your dog loves snow, or is athletic, this name would certainly be perfect.

Hibiscus: It may be a mouthful, yet the yellow hibiscus is the Hawaii state flower (it was reputed in 1988). That is aboriginal to Hawaii, and also is known to represent fragile beauty, unity, and peace. If her pup has any kind of of these traits, this may be the surname for her.

Sugar: It may not sound Hawaiian, however Hawaii was recognized for its street plantations filled through sugar cane. The first to be created was in 1835, and also it helped Hawaii end up being an agricultural force. If her pup is at sight sweet, or if you have a sweet tooth yourself, pick this playful namesake.

Leilani: Leilani is a Hawaiian surname that method heavenly flower. That is a popular name because that girls in Hawaii, and also can additionally mean royal child. If you think about your pup to be your royal child, there might not it is in a far better fit.

Lili: Short for Liliuokalani, called after Queen Liliuokalani, that was the critical sovereign of the Hawaiian Kalākaua dynasty. She to be the first and only Hawaiian queen come reign before Hawaii was annexed by the joined States. If you think about you pup a queen, try out Lili.

Alternative Girl Dog Names


Hawaiian young Dog Names


Here room eight masculine Hawaiian dog name to take into consideration naming your an excellent boy.

Kam: Short because that Kamehameha, after ~ King Kamehameha I, who was a warrior, diplomat, and also leader that “united the Hawaiian Islands right into one imperial kingdom in 1810 after year of conflict.” If her pup has actually a warrior spirit, Kam may be the perfect name.

Hōkūle‘a’: Hōkūle‘a is the surname of a traditional Polynesian sailing canoe watercraft that famously do a worldwide expedition approximately the civilization in 3 year in 2017. Hawaiian cruising canoes were supplied to reach Hawaii by its very first settlers practically 2,000 years ago. If her dog loves to it is in on a watercraft or if you have actually a love of take trip history, this famous boat name is a great option for your pet.

Kamapua‘a: Kamapua‘a is the demigod known in Hawaiian mythology as the “hog child.” the was described as “brazen and defiant of authority — an untamed man who had actually a thirsty for all the an excellent things life had to offer.” If her pup fits this description (which we’re sure numerous do), girlfriend can call him Kamp because that short.

‘Īlio: ‘Īlio (pronounced ‘ee-lee-oh’) in Hawaiian means dog. Follow to the Hawaiian poet, that may also mean clouds, as the poet “personified the clouds as ilio, dogs, as he had actually no nobler animals.” If you take into consideration your pup to it is in noble, this might be a an ideal name.

Maui: In the Disney movie Moana, Dwayne Johnson voiced the personality Maui, a strong-willed demigod who plays a an essential role in the film. Maui is additionally the second largest island in Hawaii that is recognized for the beaches. If your pup is strong-willed, or simply loves the beach, Maui might be the surname for him.

Aliʻi: pronounce ‘Uh-lee-ee’, aliʻi means chief, and they had actually “different obligations contributing come the welfare the the people and the land.” If your pup is a leader, this name may be perfect.

Duke: Named after duke Paoa Kahanamoku that is attributed with introducing and popularizing surfing in the west world. He was likewise an Olympic swimmer. If you’re a pan of surfing or her pup loves to clock you struggle the waves, battle each other is a an excellent name to respect a legend.

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Don: Named after ~ Hawaiian musician Don Ho, he carried Hawaiian culture and music come the mainland through his fight “Tiny Bubbles”. If you’re a music fan, or if her pup loves the too, this name will certainly honor one of the ideal Hawaiian musicians.