usually my Linux OS allows me to develop runnable executables (like a.out), yet when i attempt to download an .exe native the Internet, it usually is permission restricted (neither user has actually execution (-x) rights). The problem is, when I change the record permissions with either chmod u+x or chmod 777, and I try to run the program, I constantly get this error message:

run detectors: unable to discover an interpreter for ./.exewhere the stands for the name of the file. Because my Linux experience and knowledge are very weak, and I did some research however haven"t discovered anyone v this precise problem, any aid would be very appreciated!

PS. My OS is Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 32-bit

linux home windows executable
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This is totally normal. .exe documents are home windows executables, and are not expected to be enforcement natively by any Linux system.

However, there"s a program called Wine which permits you to run .exe papers by translating windows API calls to calls her Linux kernel can understand.

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To operation a .exe routine you very first need to install Wine.

To carry out so you can follow the main Wine environment tutorial because that Ubuntu, or this AskUbuntu post.

Then you have to open a terminal, go to the directory where girlfriend stored her .exe file and operation wine your_file.exe.

Some programs don"t occupational properly, others don"t job-related at all. To check whether a program will run correctly under wine or if it needs some tweaks, take a look in ~ your regime entry in the AppDB.

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