How execute I delete mine SoulSilver game?

Press “Start” in ~ the title screen to access the main menu. Press and also simultaneously hold “Up,” “B” and also “Select.” select “Yes.” Your saved data will be permanently erased. This steps additionally apply come “Pokemon SoulSilver.”

How do you soft reset SoulSilver?

To soft reset in these gamings you need to host down L, R, Start, and Select in ~ the same time.

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How to delete saved video game in Pokemon spirit silver?

Its easy, as soon as you hit the screen with lugia swimming at the bottom the the sea press l, selec, b and also up. What carry out I perform if the display screen says (the save paper is corrupted. The ahead save document willbe loaded. When you space at the main display screen (not the menu screen) push Up, Select, B. You have to press ‘up’, ‘select’, and also ‘B’.

Is there a method to restart Pokemon spirit silver?

– YouTube how to Restart Pokemon soul Silver! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, shot restarting your device. Videos girlfriend watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. One error developed while retrieving sharing information.

How come delete game and start new one?

– Pokemon SoulSilver variation Q&A for DS – GameFAQs just how do i delete game and also start new one? log in In to include custom notes to this or any kind of other game. How do ns delete game and start brand-new one?

Its easy, when you fight the display screen with lugia swimming at the bottom the the sea press l, selec, b and also up. What carry out I carry out if the display says (the save document is corrupted. The previous save record willbe loaded. As soon as you are at the main display screen (not the food selection screen) press Up, Select, B. You need to press ‘up’, ‘select’, and ‘B’.

Is there a means to restart Pokemon SoulSilver?

Well, youre fifty percent right, it to be select, not start. At the push start screen (where Lugia/Ho-oh is flying across the screen) and also press B+start+L. It will ask you come delete the save data, confirm and you will have the ability to save.

What does it median to delete Pokemon conserve file?

Deleting Pokemon conserve is choose restarting or resetting a Pokemon video game to start over, and this deserve to be done in assorted ways depending on the game console used. Anytime you decision to pat a brand-new Pokemon game, deleting the save file and fully removing the previous development is a must.

How execute you conserve Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

At the press start screen (where Lugia/Ho-oh is flying throughout the screen) and press B+start+L. It will ask you to delete the conserve data, confirm and you will be able to save. You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.

NOTE: come delete one existing conserve file, start up the game to watch the main title screen, and also then press Up top top the D-pad + B switch + Select button simultaneously. Select the alternative to delete all conserved data.

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How carry out I delete Hgss saves?

Turn on your Nintendo DS and also start “Pokemon HeartGold.” push “Start” at the title display to accessibility the key menu. Press and simultaneously hold “Up,” “B” and also “Select.” pick “Yes.” Your saved data will certainly be permanently erased.


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