This short article is for faculty, students, and also staff that wish to troubleshoot worries with their converter box.

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Determining even if it is a Converter is Needed

If you have actually an enlarge analog television, her television might not obtain the signal without use of a digital-to-analog (D-A)converter box.Several models that digital-to analog converter boxes room available. All standard definition and high meaning channels will certainly pass through the converter box and display on an analog television. While her high meaning (HD) channels will it is in scaled down and also will not be in true HD format, you will certainly still have the ability to view these channels.

If your structure has been converted to the brand-new HuskyVision system, perform a channel scan.If your tv tunes in Channel 2 (HuskyVision Bulletin Board) but no others, your television calls for a D-A converter.

Some models the digital-ready televisions are additionally not compatible. In these instances, a converter box will be required and the model willdepend ~ above the specifications of your television.


as soon as comparing converter boxes, verify that the cablesrequired to connect it to the exactly input onyour tv areincluded or that you have actually one already. Lower cost converter boxes might be short quality, and also may not encompass cables to connect to her television.

Reset to First-Time Installation

If her converter box is no working, girlfriend can shot restarting the first-time installation.

With the TV and converter crate both switched on, push theMENUbutton top top the far control. This brings up a food selection that has “Library, “Guide”, “Settings”, “Help”.Go best to theSettingsoption and pressOK. This will go into the setups menu.Go best to theVersionoption and also press theDOWNbutton on your remote. Climate pressOKon the “Reset to manufacturing facility Default” option. This will certainly ask you come confirm, pressOK.The converter box will certainly then reboot, begin a scan, and also find all obtainable channels.If this does not work, call the ITS an innovation Support facility either at 860-486-4357,or visit the assist desk ~ above the first floor that the Babbidge Library.

TV assist Menu

More thorough information around converter box functions can be found in the “Help” setups menu.

With the TV and converter box both switched on, press theMENUbutton ~ above the far control.This brings up a food selection that consists of “Library”, “Guide”, “Settings”, “Help”.Move right to theHelpoption and pressOK.

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If you space unsure of how to access these menus or setups on your TV, you have to refer to your TV"s user manual.

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